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The Last Of The Mohicans Essay

1782 words - 8 pages

Fernando De Barros
Shorter University
American Literature
Prof: Renee Emerson
James Fennimore Cooper was born in America on September 15th of 1789, and passed away September the 14th of 1851. Before starting his career as a writer he served in the US Navy. That caused him to base some of his stories on the sea and his Navy experience. He spent most of his time in Cooperstown, which was a town that his father founded. Also he was a member and contributor to the Episcopal Church. About his education, he attended to Yale for three years but then he good expelled due to misbehavior. He was without a doubt a prolific writer of the early 19th century. And he is one of the most important ...view middle of the document...

After this Magua seeks revenge. Magua goes to the camp where Cora is being held and takes her into the wilderness with Hawkeye and Uncas chasing them. They catch up and they defeat them, but Cora and Uncas die. Magua killed Uncas and then tried to escape but Hawkeye shot him. They give them proper burials and Chingachgook mourns the loss of Uncas, the Las of the Mohicans.
The Last of the Mohicans is a story about love, religion, jealousy, hatred, betrayal, racial conflict, social conflict. It is hard to imagine how Cooper could write such a complex novel. This novel is a complete masterpiece. Taking a look first to the theme of social conflict, we have three separate groups in this story. We have the Indians, the English and the French. The English and the French were at war, and the French usually allied with some Indians to attack the Englishmen. Even though some Indian tribes like the Mohicans were helping the English. It all started with Magua and his people taking Cora and Alice captive, Magua was supposed to be a guide for the journey, he was supposed to be trusted. It turned out that he betrayed the English since he was a selfish character that wanted to marry Cora. Magua was jealous of Uncas, who was Cora’s beloved. Jealousy was a main trigger in this betrayal by Magua.
The racial issue in this novel is enormous since we have three different races. For example, we have Hawkeye who has a Native American origin but was raised as a white man. Another example is Cora, where Cooper adds together two different races since her parents are from different backgrounds. In this fashion, the author is trying to pose the question of racial discrimination and cultural differences. Should we be treated different from another person based on our culture, our manners and our background? The Last of the Mohicans serves as proof that two origins can coexist in peace and find happiness by being together, we see how harmony was found at the end of the book and how sharing values can make races grow together. That’s the beauty of this romantic story, it does not matter what your background is. Ultimately, if you are a good hearted person you can fit into any society.
This story is filled with hatred. We can see it through Magua, who was removed from his tribe by Colonel Munro for excessive drinking, and now is seeking for revenge. The Colonel is the father of Cora and Alice, and that is why Magua takes them captive and also wants to marry Cora, as an act of revenge. Cora and Alice are from different mother, Cora being tough since her mother was black, and Alice was weak and fragile. Major Heyward is a colonist, who Alice loves. Chingachgook is Hawkeye’s old friend and lastly Gamut is a Calvinist spreading the word of Christ.
Also, religion can be seen throughout the story. We see that that Cooper is a religious man that shows us through his irony how important religion is for him. Irony can also be found in his main character Hawkeye, being skeptic...

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