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The Last Samurai Paper

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It's the Journey, Not the Destination

A moment of clarity is defined as an epiphany, which is a vision that you get when you finally figure out a very important purpose in your life. Life is full of epiphanies, and so are movies, which portray human experiences. One of theses movies is The Last Samurai. The Last Samurai is the story of Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise's character) who is an American Civil War veteran who's hired as an adviser to the Japanese military. Algren and the American army have orders to go to war with the Japanese, the war goes terribly wrong and Algren was very injured. When Captain Algren was taken as a prisoner of war by the Japanese, he had an epiphany. General ...view middle of the document...

An example of this shown in the movie is when Captain Algren is offered a large amount of money by the Americans to return to them and lead their army, but since he now a samurai at heart, he stayed with the Japanese and led their army with the Japanese captain Katsumoto. I like this because Algren shows his honor by willing to go to war with his Japanese companions. Instead of taking the large amount of money, he wants to fight for the greater good of man.
Another factor that pulls me in to The Last Samurai is that loyalty plays a major role. For example, in the beginning of the movie he is almost killed by a Japanese soldier and is close to dying but somehow shows the courage to kill the soldier. When he is taken to Japan, he ends up living with the family of the soldier he killed. Algren is very loyal to his family and takes them in as his own family. Algren ends up falling in love with the wife and taking care of all of the children like they were his own flesh and blood. Algren begins to make a connection with the children as the movie continues; he plays with them and begins to participate in their activities; such as sparring, drawing, and hunting. I think that his acceptance into his new family is a very important part in the movie before he goes into the final battle. As the Samurai prepare for battle Taka (Widow of the family) asks that Algren wear her late husband’s armor to honor her family. Algren accepts and Taka helps him dress silently. This is a very emotional moment between them and the two kiss only once. I really like this aspect of loyalty in the movie because I could relate this situation to a lot of people I know in my life. A few of my friends’ parents have divorces and the step-father comes along and picks up right were their father left off. Algren shows a great amount of responsibilities by taking care of the widow and the children of the Japanese samurai he killed.
The Last...

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