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The Levacor Heart Pump Essay

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Case Study 1:
The Levacor Heart Pump

Product Management, Innovation & Commercialization
Songbo Qiao

Based on the description in this case, discuss the new products process apparently underway at World Heart, in comparison to that outlined in this chapter. How is it similar or different? The launch phase is, of course, still well into the future at the time the case occurs. What are the problem areas the company might face at the time of launch? At the time of the case, what are the uncertainties that still exist? What could the company do now to manage these uncertainties?

Based on the description of this case, the new products process of Word Heart is similar to the outlined in this chapter. Recent 20 years, the medical consumers is increasing; a group of people wants to live a longer, wonderful live instead of simple one. The factor is that people who got heart disease before, after doing the operation, do not able to live like a ...view middle of the document...

At that time the most exceptional feature of Levacor is magnetic levitation. World Heart specifies the full development process and its deliverables. Together with an engineering firm, Launch Point Technologies, they developed a small, proprietary magnetic levitation system that could serve to pump blood from the heart throughout the rest of the body.

Problem: When World Heart launches this product, they will face several problems. The first one is the size is very limited. They just create one size of the pump, everyone has unique heart, one pump may suitable to one person, but it cannot assure, it will fit in other one’s body. The second one is the pump should be changed very often. It depends on people’s health situation, some people need to replace it very often, which means that they need do the surgery again and again which will very harmful for patient’s healthy. Especially for those who were at a very younger age, they will rely on this for whole life. The third issue is whether the pump is gentle enough not to damage the blood cells and whether it does not need a lot power to operate it.
Uncertainty and recommendation: At the time of this case, the uncertainty of World heart is whether the magnetic levitation heart pumps will able be a long-term industry standard. As for World Heart, they can use the micro technology to managing the uncertainty. They are able to create different size of the pump based on the different people. They should measure every patient’s heart, body and bloods pressure, than use this information to invent personal pump. As for this action, patents will be very pleased, the first thing is that they will get much better treated and at the same time patents get a wonderful service which let them think about how special they are. Every person wants to be especially to others.
World Heart should always explore the new developed pump device, they should invest money in their lab operation, let their lab make the pump as thin and useful as possible, which will be last a longer time and do not disturb the normal life of patients. In addition, patient’s lives will less risk and stress exposure at the repeat surgery, especially, for those who at a younger age got a heart disease need a heart pump to live independently.

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