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The Life I Deserve Essay

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Annalyn B. Alvarez
The Life I Deserve
Life would be the best gift God had given us. Without this, nothing seems to be possible here on earth. Life keeps us on breathing and living. But with this topic, I am here to talk about my life specifically on how I made it up to here now. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Annalyn Alvarez. Good afternoon!
We do have different lifestyle, for the primary reasons that we came from different families and different places, but one thing is for sure, we all have our dreams and plans with our life.
I came from a simple family in Calatagan Batangas. I attended a public elementary school and with the help of scholarship, I attended a private sectarian high ...view middle of the document...

I took my first year as an Accountancy student. I gave my best and fortunately good grades came up. It was the time that I realized that it isn’t that bad to be here and I will be successful with the help of this university. Those regret that I had vanished. But after the first term, my heart became confused. I asked: “Is this really what I wanted? Am I happy and contented?” Those questions keep on lingering in my mind as I continue the second term.
Then, being a Psychologist pops out in my mind. I am not sure, though. Believe it or not, I asked for signs if that’s the right choice. And luckily, in the mid of confusion this thing showed. Now, I am very much sure of myself. This is what I wanted and I’m going to pursue this. This is why I’m here now- a Psychology student of BatStateU and giving my speech in front of you.
The life I deserve? Well, it’s still too early for me to say what life I deserve. After I am satisfied with all the hard works and efforts that I will make that’s when I can say that I deserve this kind of life. I am only 18...

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