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“Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future “(Elegance par. 1). Chanel was a woman who was always seen wearing her own unique fashion. She would never be seen wearing something society would see as something a normal woman would wear; this made her unforgettable (Charles-Roux 5-6). In the beginning, Chanel was only known for creating and designing hats, but she would soon be known for so much more (Charles-Roux 91). Because of Chanel’s new bold ideas, the women’s fashion industry has forever been changed (Charles-Roux 6).
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Chanel was not always in the fashion business, she also had jobs as a shop girl and a café singer. In these jobs, she became familiar with many wealthy men (“Coco Chanel.” Britannica par. 2). In 1913, Chanel opened her first shop, in this shop; she sold hats and a limited line of garments (Krick par. 2). Chanel’s name was brought to Paris by her first clients. These clients were wealthy horsewoman who happened to be friends with Etienne Balsan, one of her lovers (Charles-Roux 91). To create her designs, Chanel used her own personal attitude and style to create her fashion. Chanel’s characteristics, short hair, slim figure, tan skin, and an active lifestyle, became ideal to the women fashion industry (Krick par. 4). Chanel’s fashion was the first to include long slim lines, which became popular rather quickly (Krick par. 8).
Chanel’s unique designs started when her financial situations were not the best. She purchased cheap jersey material to create her famous designs (Krick par. 2). The famous creations stayed famous even through the Great Depression. The reasons the designs remained famous because they were simple and elegant and did not cost much, during the Great Depression, this is exactly what people were looking for (“From” par. 4). In Hollywood, the Chanel’s designs became famous because they did not clash with the surrounding bright colors (“From” par. 4). One of Chanel’s most famous creations, the “little black dress”, came out in 1926 and was nicknamed “Chanel’s Ford” because it was accessible to every woman no matter what social class they were in (“From” par. 3). In 1954, the famous Chanel suit was back on the market. This design was inspired by English hunting fashions and also the French military uniforms. Chanel’s suit was really original and even appeared on an episode of “The Simpsons” (Gaines 104).
“I created the most well-known style in the world, because fashion is ephemeral, but style is eternal” (“Coco Chanel.” Voguepedia par. 8). While she was in the process of creating her fashion, Chanel used her own interests to make the designs, something that was never done before (Krick par. 5). Confidence in herself modernized fashion and changed the way women looked, dressed, and acted (Krick par. 4). Before Chanel, loose fabrics were not commonly used, but with her unique designs, women could now relax in loose clothes instead of being in restricted and old fashioned clothes (“Coco Chanel Biorgraphy” par. 11). To make designs more romantic, Chanel used decorations to improve women’s fashion (Krick par. 6). It first started to be acceptable to wear black after Chanel started to do so. Before Chanel made it popular, only widows would wear black to mourn their lovers’ death, many people thought wearing black was unique (“From” par. 2). Chanel’s exclusive fashion has remained popular since creation, although many designs have varied. Any style that makes a woman feel beautiful will remain popular for years (“From” par. 7).
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