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The Life Of John B Watson

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As I searched over the numerous website and psychology books trying to figure out who to write on for this research paper I stumbles upon a famous quote that captures my attention swiftly.
"Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select--doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief….”
This quote was stated by none other than a determined man who is best known for behaviorism and the Little Albert experiment, John B. Watson. Mr. Watson’s life story intrigued me greatly to study his theory and also to write about it for my research paper. Mr. ...view middle of the document...

Sadly, Pickens then started cheating on his wife as the affairs continues this resulted in John’s father leaving the family when John was thirteen. John took his father’s departure very hard and this caused him to act out in school by getting into numerous fights and he also did poorly in his studies. (Weiland) However, John then took his education quite seriously when he was accepted into Furman University in South Carolina at the age of sixteen where he did exceptionally well and he graduated at twenty- one with a master’s degree. (Good Therapy.Org, 2013) John’s mentor, Mr. Gordon Moore played a very important part in John’s life by helping him get into the University of Chicago. There Mr. Watson developed his enthusiasm for studying psychology and examining animals. (Watson, 1999) He majored in psychology under known scholars such as James Rowland Angell and George Hubert Mead. Not only did Mr. Watson major in psychology also majored in neurology which he was taught by Henry Herbert Donaldson. In addition to both his majors John also minored in philosophy under John Dewey, Addison W. Moore, James Hayden Tufts and Edward Scribner Ames. (Wozniak, 1997)
In addition to Watson studying with great scholars, in 1903 he earned his Ph. D at the age of twenty five at this age he also did his dissertation between the rats he examines over the years and their nervous system. (Watson, 1999) He also took a job at the University of Chicago as a professor where he did his studies for his dissertation. At that time he then married one of his students, Mary Amelia Ickes they both bared two children, Mary and John Watson. (John B.Watson Biography ) Watson then started to follow his father’s footstep once again as he started having extra marital affairs. His business of what he was doing was spreading like a wild fire on campus about him having affairs with female students. Watson sought it best if he left the university before his job was taken away from him. (Weiland) In 1908, Watson was offered a job at John Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland later on there he then became the head of the psychology department. He then started to build his laboratory where he starting he psychological experiments where he continued to work on animals and study their behavior (John B.Watson Biography ) In 1913, at Columbia University John published his first article “Psychology as a Behaviorist Views It,” in Psychological Review where he stated that psychology should be the study of behavior and this was when “behaviorism” was founded. (Britannica)
“Psychology as the behaviorist views it is a purely objective experimental branch of natural science. Its theoretical goal is the prediction and control of behavior. Introspection forms no essential part of its methods, nor is the scientific value of its data dependent upon the readiness with which they lend themselves to interpretation in terms of consciousness," (Watson J. B., 1994)
Coupled with his this first article,...

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