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The Life Of John Steinbeck Essay

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In Salinas, California on February 27, 1902 John Ernst Steinbeck was born. His father John Steinbeck senior served as the treasurer of Monterey County. Olive Steinbeck a former schoolteacher with a certain passion for literature, fostered her son’s love for literature and encouraged him greatly on his writing. During many summers Steinbeck began to evolve his love for his nation while working as a hired hand on the California Countryside.

Steinbeck graduated from the local high school in Salinas. He went to Stanford University though he never finished. To pay for his education he worked the whole times he was at college. He switched jobs often and sometimes dropped out of college for entire quarters at a time. During the time he was in college he worked toward earning a degree in marine biology but he never accomplished it. Many ...view middle of the document...

He went on to write The Pastures of Heaven and To a God Unknown but to find them also uneventful. Finally in 1935 Tortilla Flat and Cannery Row were published and they shot his career into the sky. Tortilla Flat received California Commonwealth Club’s gold medal for best novel by author. Steinbeck learned from in success and based many of his later books on his personal observation of humans. From there in 1939 he wrote the grapes of wrath with won the Pulitzer Prize. In 1962 he was awarded the prize for literature. From there he wrote the Sea of Cortez, Forgotten Village, The Moon in Dawn, Bombs Away, Cannery Row, The Pearl, The Wayward Bus, A Russian Journal, Burning Light, The log from the Sea of Cortez, East of Eden, Sweet Thursday, UN American a New York ET A Paris, The Short Region of Pippin IV, Once there was a War, The Winter of our Discontent, Travels with Charlie, Americas and Americans, Journal of a Novel, The acts of King Arthur and his Nobel knights, and Working days. Steinbeck had an extremely successful career as an author but sadly he died on December 20, 1968 because He was diagnosed with a serious case of arteriosclerosis but turned down the option of heart bypass surgery.

Steinbeck is one of the best loved authors in America because he has an extraordinary way of bringing together the human heart and land. He forces the readers to become especially visual while reading his books, because he describes landscape so vividly. One trait when looking at book John Steinbeck had written is the stark beauty of every word. He creates these stunning images by actually traveling around America to see and describe everything for himself. For example in Travels with Charlie he went on a road trip throughout America to get a better feel for the nation and its people. Also, living in the exquisite Monterey County inspired Cannery Row. He embraces the fullness of life. With compassion, tolerance, and humility, he surveys landscapes to relate the spirit, with the nation.

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