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The Life Of Joseph And The Coat Of Many Colors

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The Life of Joseph and the Coat of Many ColorsJoseph's life was truly an inspiration to all of mankind. He showed mercy when any other man would have had vengeance. Through Joseph's life, he taught many people various lessons on how to treat others and to give God all the glory for which they receive.Joseph was one of the twelve sons of the father Jacob. Benjamin and Joseph were Jacob's favorite sons because they were born from Jacob's favorite wife Rachel. Jacob was extremely in favor of Joseph because of his belief in God. One day Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful, brightly colored coat. When the older brothers saw this, knowing that he was Jacob's favorite son, their anger was greater than ...view middle of the document...

Captain Potiphar bought Joseph and saw that he was a good worker so he promoted him to overseer of the servants and the household.At this point Satan devises a plan to tempt Joseph into wrongdoing. He uses Potiphar's beautiful wife to seduce Joseph everyday he was in the house. One day Potiphar went on a journey and no one was home accept Joseph and Potiphar's wife. She insisted that Joseph was to sleep with her. But Joseph turned away immediately and Potiphar's wife grabbed his robe from him and he ran off out of the house. Later she accused Joseph of forcing himself on her and Potiphar believed the lie and Joseph was thrown into the king's prison. Even though Joseph had done nothing wrong, the Lord was still with him. The Lord showed him kindness and gave him favor with the prison warden. The warden granted Joseph to be in charge of all the prisoners because he was well trusted.While in prison, there was a butler and a baker and they both had a dream that Joseph interpreted for them. The interpretation was correct and three days later the baker was executed and the butler was reinstated to his prior position. The butler was appreciative to Joseph and was supposed to tell Pharaoh that Joseph was a good man, but he did not tell him until two years later when the Pharaoh needed a dream interpreted and the butler told him to go to Joseph. The Pharaoh's dream concluded that they would have seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Joseph suggested that the Pharaoh should find the wisest man in Egypt to save up as much food during the seven years of plenty so they would have enough food during the seven years of famine. The Pharaoh concluded that Joseph was that wise man and he made Joseph the ruler over all the land.After the famine in Egypt was over there was a famine in Canaan. So Jacob sent all of his sons accept Benjamin to the land of Egypt to bring back grain. When the brothers arrived in Egypt they were told they needed permission from the ruler first before they could purchase the grain. When they went to see the ruler in charge of the grain, they bowed down to him not...

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