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The Life Of Mozart By Gary Jenkins

2744 words - 11 pages

The Life of Mozart


Gary Jenkins

Mr. Scott

Music 1030- LO2

4 August 2010

Jenkins i
Thesis statement: This essay will tap in to Mozart’s life and some of the major events that created Mozart the legend.
I) Mozart was born a miracle and a child prodigy.
A) Mozart was born January 27, 1756
B) Mozart learned music early
C) His skills were unusual for his age.
II) Mozart started to travel and perform.
A) He took a trip to Munich.
B) Mozart left for Vienna.
C) Mozart started the grand European tour.
D) Mozart took three trips to Vienna.
III) Mozart went to Salzburg and stayed longer than ever.
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M. in Salzburg, Austria, and judging by his parent’s history of having unhealthy children, it is phenomenal that people got a chance to experience his brilliance (McDonough 5). He was the last of seven children, but he was only the second to survive past the infant stage besides his older sister Maria Anna (Nannerl) Mozart. His delivery came with difficulty according to a letter written by his father, Leopold Mozart, to his publisher in Augsburg: “’on 27 January at 8 P.M. my wife was happily delivered of a boy, but the plecenta had to be removed. She was therefore astonishingly weak. Now, however (God be praised), both child and mother are well’” (Solomon 37).
The young Mozart quickly started to show a glimpse of how much of a miracle his survival really was. At the age of three years old, he started playing the piano on his own. While his father, a composer, taught his seven-year-old sister on the clavier, Mozart would be to himself playing the keyboard: “He entertained himself often for long periods at the keyboard by hunting out the thirds, which he then always sounded, and showed his pleasure at having discovered this harmony” (Einstein 24). By four years old, he could learn a minuet or a small musical piece in thirty minutes and about an hour for longer pieces (Niemetschek 3). By the time he was five, he was creating his first compositions and concertos, which his father wrote down for him. At six, Mozart taught himself to play the violin (Solomon 38).
It was becoming obvious that Mozart was no regular child (Gay 5). Even though there were other children that played music, none matched his level of skill and creativity: “…he brought a powerful sight-reading gift and an ability to improvise at great length with both taste and feeling in all the prevailing styles” (Solomon 40). The Benedictine priest Placidus Scarl recalls seeing young Mozart in action:
“Even in the sixth year of his age he would play the most difficult pieces for the pianoforte, of his own invention. He skimmed the octave which his short little fingers could not span, at fascinating speed and with wonderful accuracy. One had only to give him the first subject which came to mind for a fugue or an invention: he would develop it with strange variations and constantly changing passages as long as one wished; he would improvise fugally on a subject for hours, and this fantasia-playing was his greatest passion.”(Solomon 40)
Mozart’s father knew that his children were immensely talented, and he wanted to show the world just how amazing they were. In January 12 of 1762, right before Mozart’s sixth birthday, his father took him and his sister to the electoral court at Munich to perform for Maximilian III Joseph and other aristocrats. Mozart and his sister did great, so his father was motivated to take another trip. Later that year, they went on a trip to Vienna and stayed for months. However, the trip to Vienne turned in to...

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