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The Life Of William Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare or "The Bard," was poet that lived during the 15th and 16th century's BC. His work is still studied today, a thousand of years later.William Shakespeare was born on April.23, 1564, at Stratford on Avon , an English village. He was christened three days after his birth. His father, John Shakespeare was a prosperous glove maker of the working class, his mother, Mary Arden was of the noble class. William was the third of eight children in the Shakespeare family. Though his father, couldn't read or write William was able to go to grammar school for free because of his father's place in society. During his school years he liked to ...view middle of the document...

He performed at the Black Fryers and the Globe Theatre in front of Nobility as well as the lower classes. Most people in the audience's were illiterate When the Black Plague came, it wiped out one third of the population. During the time of the plague was when William started writing plays, his career began with historical fiction. Between 1590-1593 he wrote Henry the 6th parts 1,2, and 3. Between 1594-1595 he wrote Romeo and Juliet. When his son, Hamnet died of a fever at the age of 11, The Bard started writing darker plays such as Julius Caesar and Macbeth. In total Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, he wrote plays until he retired in 1610. His last play was Henry the 8th.When he retired he was able to buy the second largest house in Stratford, with 107 acres of soccer field and had gained the status of gentleman. William died on his 52 birthday, April.23, 1616.His works were not famous until William died; his plays were collected and published by two actor friends. After this William Shakespeare's work spread all over the world. In his will he left his property to Susanna, who had married a doctor named John Paul. To Judith he left 300 English pounds, she had scandalously married a winemaker. To Anne he left his second best bed, because it was her favourite. William Shakespeare was buried as an honoured citizen at Trinity Church in Stratford. On his tombstone he left one last poem.Good friend for Jesu's sake forbear to dig the dust enclosed hearBlest be the man that spares these stones and curse be he who moves my bones.

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