The Little Prince — A Fairy Tale Of Love And Life

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The Little Prince
——a fairy tale of love and life
As many other fairy tales,the outline of The Little Prince is not very complex.The narrator of the story is a pilot whose plane had something wrong and had to land in the Sahara, then the pilot made the acquaintance of the little prince who came from another planet.The little prince had left his tiny planet as there was something wrong with the relationship between he and a rose which the little prince had made great efforts to grow. After escaping from his own planet,he took an exploration at some neighbor asteroids.On his journey,the little prince met different kinds of people who seemed odd to him ...view middle of the document...

Saint-Exupéry was born in Lyon to an aristocratic family that could trace its lineage back several centuries.His father died of a stroke in a train station before his son's fourth birthday. His father's death would greatly impact the entire family, changing their status to that of 'impoverished aristocrats'.Saint-Exupéry was the third of five children,he attended to his closest confidant, his brother's death bed, and later wrote an imagery which would much later be recrafted in the climactic ending of The Little Prince.
This is the third time i read this book The Little Price.I remember when i first read it,i was not interested at all as there was neither beautiful princesses nor handsome princes in this story.While when i was a junior school student,i read it again.This warm and marvelous story touched me but didn’t leave deep impression on me.Now,when i am twenty years old,as an inept grown-up,i read it once more and i think i was shocked and cleaned.
The Little Prince is a fairy tale not for the children but for the grown-ups.It makes them rejudge themselves and divide themselves into different groups which have been cleared as symbols in the book.For example,when the little prince left his own planet and started traveling,he met six various people who represent six types of people.
A monarch who is addicted to controlling but has nothing to really rule over.The king pretended to have the sovereign authority but all what he was doing was just made an “order” before something happened naturally.He is the symbol of those who are eager for power of controlling but don’t have proportional abilities,so what they can do is imagining themselves to be the leader and convincing themselves that everyone is under their control.
A conceited man who thought all other men are admirers.Such kind of people never hear anything but praise,they are vain and autolatry and they are soaked in self-satisfaction and self-pride.
A tippler who kept drinking to forget that he was ashamed of drinking.He lost himself in his own world.He wallowed in what he was doing and could not stopped from it.He represents people who can’t extricate themselves from the sorrow they are undergoing and find another kind of pain to cover this one.They sink into a circle of misery and keep turning around and around as the soreness growing bigger and bigger.
A businessman who kept calculating the stars and thought everything belonging to nobody belonged to him.He is just like a counting worker in a bank who thinks that he owns all the money counted in his hands.Such kind of people dream of gaining money all day long but never put their thoughts into practice.They are always planing and arranging everything unrealistically and steeped in their wonderland.
A lamplighter who had to put out his lamp and light it for over a thousand times one day.He was restricted by the orders although he felt exhausted by his obligation,he just took these...

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