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The Lost Man Summary Of The Article By Douglass Preston

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03/04 Annual EditionThe Lost Man In the article, "The Lost Man," author Douglass Preston, address the findings of Kennewick Man, a nine thousand three hundred year old fossil. It was founded in Kennewick, Washington, thus getting the name "Kennewick Man," by two college students. James Chatters, a forensic anthropologist was called to identify the skull and projected the skull as having "Caucasoid features," with a long narrow braincase, a narrow face, and a slightly projecting upper jaw. Having found the bones in federal land belonging to the Native Americans, Chatters had to identify age, sex and race. With a little more ...view middle of the document...

Such an astounding find, blew the mind of Chatters and anthropologists around the world. Others like the "Army Corps of Engineers," were not excited about the findings and told Chatters to stop any further examination of Kennewick Man. More contradiction formed, when the Umatilla Indians, claimed the skeleton under NAGPRA. This stood for Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, giving the Native American rights to take the skeleton. Since the skeleton was found on the stretch of the Columbia River, of which the Army Corps of Engineers controlled, they determined what the future held for Kennewick Man. So, what were the reasons of hiding the old skeleton away from science? First, many Native Americans are tired of having skeletons of their ancestors examined and put in museums. They believe that once a body is buried in the ground, that is where they belong. Another reason is, Kennewick Man's bones are part of a growing quantity of evidence that the earliest inhabitants of the New World may have been of Caucasoid people. With that said, the Corps decision was to turn the skeleton to the Umatillas and have them bury it. Eight anthropologists sued the Corps fighting that the Corps had no evidence to support its claim it had a connection to the Umatillas. The case was taken to U.S. District Court, Magistrate John Jelderks, who criticized the Army Corps of acting out before learning all the evidence. This gave the anthropologists hope Kennewick Man will be studied soon.

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