The Main Threat To The Weimar Republic In The Period 1919 23 Was The Extreme Right" How Far Do You Agree With This Judgement?

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The main threat to the Weimar Republic in the period 1919-23 was the extreme right" How far do you agree with this judgement?
The Weimar Republic was created at a time of confusion and chaos after Germany had lost the First World War. Many people felt that Germany had received a very harsh deal in the Treaty of Versailles and they resented the government for signing it and agreeing to its conditions.
In the period 1919-23 there were threats to the stability of the Weimar Republic, it faced violent uprisings from various groups, not to mention devastating economic problems. Some coming from Kapp Putsch and the extreme right, others coming from the left, reparations and the Ruhr Crisis. The ...view middle of the document...

It took power when Hitler was offered the post chancellor in 1933 and dominated German life until its collapse at the end of WWII. The Nazi party were almost alone in arguing that German patriots should first remove the 'Novermber Criminals', which were the German leaders who signed the Armistice on November 11, 1918, from government before dealing with the French. When the government of Gustav Stresemann (a German politician and statesman who served as chancellor in 1923 and foreign minister 1923- 1929, during the Weimar Republic) called off the passive resistance in September without winning any concession from the French, there was an outcry from the right. This was seen as another act of betrayal. In Bavaria, the right-winged government declared a state of emergency and appointed Gustav von Kahr who was a German right-wing politican, active in the state of Bavaria as well as instrumental in the collapse and suppression of Adolf Hitlers Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, state commissioner. Amongst right wing nationalists in the Bavarian capital, Munich, there was a growing agitation for a 'march on Berlin' to overthrow the government and establish a nationalist dictatorship. At the forefront of the agitation for a 'march on berlin' was the leader of the NSDAP, then little known, Adolf Hitler. This was the cause for the far right political uprising.
Hitler made a bid to seize power, knowing the putsch could only succeed if he had the support of powerful figures so having gained the support of Ludendorff he set out to win over Ritter von Kahr and Otto von Lossow the local army commander. On November 8th and 9th 1923, Hitler used the anger felt against Berlin government in Bavaria to attempt an overthrow of the regional government in Munich in prelude to the take over of the national government. This incident is generally known as The Beer Hall Putsch. This was Hitlers attempt to overthrow the Weimar government of Ebert and establish a right wing nationalistic one in its place.
There was also threat from...

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