The Major Change In Sui, Tang Song Dynasty

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The Major Change in Sui, Tang Song Dynasty

What are the major changes in political structures, social, and economic life in The Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasty. Well during the period of the dynasty that China was unified again when Young Jian a member of aristocratic family from northern china founded a new dynasty known as Sui.

The Sui dynasty started 581 and ended 618bit was founded by Sui Wendi or Yang Jian. The major changes that occurred were reduce the rich-poor social gap, enhanced agricultural productivity, equalization system and have the governmental power centralized. The defense was improve and great was expanded and Buddhism was spread. When Yangdi took over the throne he didn’t seek to gain support from nomads. He restored Confucian education and examination system of bureaucrats. Yangdi lost support of nomads by supporting educational forms. Yangdi start ...view middle of the document...

Tang dynasty experience a wonder of change in China culture by modern feel that era represents the apogee of Chinese creativity poetry n sculpture. The explosion of this culture was influence by Buddhism, which affected art, Literature, philosophy, and as well as religion and politics. Finally it came to an end when the border troubles with northens nomadic people called the Khitan, which lead to the final collapse of Tang dynasty in 907.

The Song dynasty was a ruling dynasty in China From 960 through 1279. Song dynasty was followed by Yaun dynasty and Song succeeded the five dynasties and kingdom periods. Song dynasty was the first government in the world history to issue banknotes, paper money. The Chinese government establishes a permanent standing navy. The founder Song Taizu had encountered more problems than their predecessor, but he was able to co-apt many of the powerful military commander who brought the Tang dynasty to end. Song dynasty was also the first know to use gunpowder and discernment of true north using compass. The Song Dynasty was era administrative and complex social organization. People enjoy the various social and temples provide the people with education and religious services. Song government supported many program like social welfare, retirement homes, public clinics, and pauper’s graveyards. The economy of song dynasty was prosperous and advanced economic in medieval world. Song invested their funds in joint stock companies and sailing vessels during this time when monetary gain was assured from the vigorous overseas trade. As technology development, advancements weapons enchanted by Greek fire and gunpowder, evolution of early flamethrower, explosive grenade, firearm, cannon, and land mine enable the Song to ward off their enemies, which lead Mongol to proclaimed the finally conquered on Song dynasty in 1279.

As you see there were many major changes in Sui, Tang, Song Dynasty but with great achievement that lead to better things for china to improve their political structures, social and economic life.

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