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The Man: The Story Of John Wooden

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Ten NCAA basketball national championships in 12 years, 885 NCAA victories, two consecutive undefeated basketball teams, and one incredible coach. Think that that is impossible? Well think again, because John Wooden, the UCLA basketball coach from 1948-1975, accomplished all of these things and more in his tenure as head coach of that phenomenal program. Wooden was always a student of the game and of life. He was always striving to learn, while passing along what he knew ...view middle of the document...

Wooden?s teams are the epitome of great basketball teams because of the uncanny ability to win. The .804 winning percentage is fourth on the all-time list and his 664 division 1 victories puts him at 17th on the list of most victories. The amount of times his teams won gives us a picture of the dedication that was present in them. Wooden showed a commitment to winning and he made sure that his players held that same commitment whether the wins came from your hand or your teammates. ?Happiness begins where selfishness ends,? and when selfishness ends you win games. His teams also strung together an unmatched 88 game winning streak that spanned four seasons. Also included were 38 consecutive NCAA tournament victories. These two accomplishments will stand the test of time and represent the legacy of John Wooden. The amount of focus it takes to go out and compete hard night after night is huge. This takes a great amount of motivation, and John Wooden was a master motivator for his teams.Wooden believed that taking pride in yourself and your actions will drive you to greatness. When a team works hard every day they win championships. ?Four fourteen years we worked very hard and didn\

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