The Many Benefits Of Water Essay

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Did you know that if a person waits until they are thirsty to drink water they may already be dehydrated? If a person is dehydrated they can suffer many health complications. These health issues can include headaches, joint pain, and can even be serve as depression. According to an online article from the Boston College website 2 out of every 3 people in America do not drink enough water. This is an epidemic that is haunting our nation. Many people are wondering why we have so many issues with our health care, well it is because we have so many issues with our health itself. Drinking more water will allow you to live happier and healthier lives. If people were more educated on what exactly ...view middle of the document...

Water is crucial to staying healthy and feeling good. There are many ways water helps us stay well and live healthy lives.
There are many different reason our bodies need water to function properly. We need water because it is the substance of life. Life cannot exist without water. We can live with food for weeks but we can only live for a mere 3 days without water!
The body is comprised of eighty percent water. Water makes up nearly eighty-five percent of your brain, about eighty percent of your blood and about seventy percent of your lean muscle. Imagine for a moment, your brain being sectioned into one hundred pieces. Now picture eighty-five of those sections as water. We need to continually replenish our bodies with water because your brain needs it.
Water plays a vital role in nearly every bodily function. Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue. A two percent drop in body water can bring on fatigue, fuzziness, and concentration problems. If your body does not have as much water as it should you could even have problems staring at a computer screen. It is difficult for the body to get water from any other source than water itself. Soft drinks, alcohol, teas, and juices steal tremendous amounts of water from the body because they are diuretics, causing increased urine outputs, therefore stealing precious water from the body. Also, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks can become expensive, and water is relatively free! Staying hydrated definitely pays off in the long run because it costs about three-hundred and fifty dollars to administer an intravenous saline water solution in the hospital can cost about three-hundred and fifty dollars!
There are many benefits of drinking water that will have a large profit in the future. Water will help remove toxins from the body such as fat deposits. Water regulates the bodies cooling functions. Drinking water can prevent brain damage, cancer, arthritis, and depression. Drinking water can give you more energy and can even make you look younger!
It is important to remember that dehydration can occur at any time of the year and not just in the summer when it’s hot outside. Sometimes the dryness of the winter air can cause dehydration even sooner than dehydration occurs when it is hot outside. A sign of dehydration is hunger. Many times when a person thinks they are thirsty they are actually just hungry. By easily drinking more water we could possibly avoid eating all the time therefore gaining unnecessary weight. We can also store excess fluids in our bodies if we are dehydrated therefore causing excess weight gain. By drinking more our bodies will flush out all the unnecessary fluids.
There are even some long term reasons to drink water. A person that is consistently dehydrated is more susceptible to Chronic Cellular Dehydration. This illness causes the body’s cells to stay in a weekend state because of the dehydration. Because of the...

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