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Over time many different theories about the causes of World War 2 (WWII) have been established. The two most credited of these theories have been compiled into this essay. The causes outlined in this essay is firstly the Nazi Germany foreign policy, secondly is Britain's policy of appeasement.The first cause of WWII was the foreign policy of Nazi Germany and its leader Adolf Hitler; the policy had three general objectives:1. Free itself from the political commitments of the earlier Weimar government.2. Prepare Germany for war (effectively breaking the Treaty of Versailles [June 28, 1919])3. Test the Allies response to the German expansionist ...view middle of the document...

After Germany moved troops into the Rhineland, it claimed some of the three million German-speaking people in the Sudetenland (on the German boarder of Czechoslovakia) were being prosecuted. This lead to Britain and France under the policy of appeasement, giving Sudetenland to Germany who promptly took it and the rest of Czechoslovakia in the March of 1939. This was an obvious sign of aggression from Hitler's Nazi Germany and to Britain and France this revealed that Hitler would not stop until he had claimed most of Europe. Of course Germany did not do all this on it's own, it had allies such as Italy and Japan, who also shared the dream of having an empire. The Italians because they wanted to restore the Roman Empire and the Japanese out of honour for the emperor.The alliance of Britain and France, after making this observation, made a promise to Poland that if it were invaded that they would send troops to aid in the battle. So when Germany moved its forces into Poland France and Britain Declared war.But WWII cannot be only blamed on Germany and the Axis. Many people believe that if Britain and France had immediately declared war with Germany as soon as it occupied the Rhineland, Hitler might have been humbled and WWII may not of occurred.In conclusion, many factors combined to cause the Second World War such as the two described above. But the direct cause of the initiation of WWII is Hitler's aggression at Poland, but the aggression was reinforced by Britain and the French appeasement policy.

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