The Marketing And Logistics Essay

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The Marketing and Logistics
Supply Chain Management

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1. Introduction

2. The Marketing Concept

3. The concept of Logistics

4. Demand for the enterprise's goods are direct results of its competitive edge

5. The Critical Logistics/Marketing Interfaces

6. The integration of Marketing/Logistics

7. Logistics/Marketing Strategy

8. Logistics - a key success factor for a company

9.Summary and Conclusions

The purpose of this assignment is to provide a framework of how to compete in the unknown future by developing a strategy based on the integration of marketing and ...view middle of the document...

In this introduction the focus is on two crucial responsibilities:
* making marketing decisions;
* scanning the dynamic environment to develop need-satisfying products.
While the first responsibility has a more short-term, tactical focus, the second responsibility is strategically oriented. It is part of what is known as strategic marketing. Strategic marketing focuses on ways in which an organisation "..can differentiate itself effectively from its competitors, capitalising on its distinctive strengths to deliver better value to its customers". To achieve this, it is critical to scan the environment in which the organisation is operating. The marketing environment consists of all the market players and the market forces that influence the ability of an organisation to conduct transactions effectively with its customers. Usually the marketing environment is further distinguished by dividing it into microenvironment and macro-environment.
The microenvironment of an organisation encompasses the company itself, its suppliers, the market intermediaries (wholesaler, retailer), its customers, its competitors and the public. The macro-environment consists of forces and trends that are usually seen as "uncontrollable", but which the organisation must monitor and to which it must respond, if necessary. The essence of marketing management is to relate the organisation to the changing marketing environment.
Before a competitive strategy integrating logistics and marketing is developed the environmental factors have to be discussed in detail. Otherwise each strategy would be only generic, without being related to the specific environmental forces which the respective industry faces. In summary, the environmental scan is necessary to identify for an organisation possible opportunities which can be exploited as well as possible threats that need to be monitored in order that the organisation may react in time, if necessary. Existing opportunities can be used to develop new products that satisfy the future needs of existing and potential customers.
While the focus of the environmental scan is on identifying strategic opportunities and threats, marketing decisions are made to determine how to achieve the marketing objectives. The decisions are made to coplete the marketing mix. In contrast with the macro-environmental factors, which are seen as "uncontrollable", the organisation can influence the marketing mix variables:
* product
* price
* place (distribution)
* promotion.
The different components of the marketing mix determine the potential interfaces of marketing and logistics.
The marketing-mix decisions are tactical in nature. The uniqueness of each target market requires that the four components of the marketing mix are combined in a specific way to utilise an existing opportunity to the best advantage.

The concept of Logistics
Business logistics has its roots in the supply of military goods. The...

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