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"The Martian Chronicles" By Ray Bradbury

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Ylla, a martian woman, has dreams of an Earth man, with black hair and blue eyes, coming to her and speaking to her. Yll becomes angry and jealous and "goes hunting" one day. Ylla was tricked into staying home. She heard a shot in the distance; Nathaniel York is not seen again.That Fall, many Martians begin to hum songs from Earth, the children chant Earth rhymes, and have strange dreams. The next morning four men from Earth visit Mars. They are ignored and considered "beautifully insane", and eventually killed by Mr. Xxx when the Martians assumed their ship and crew members were hallucinations.The next ...view middle of the document...

The men get a little cocky, and get drunk. The crew psychologist, Spender, goes crazy and shoots many of the crew members. Eventually, he is shot and killed by the captain.A man by the name of Driscoll settled there, he had trouble breathing so his mission was to plant trees. Johnny Appleseed style, he rides a motorcycle and drops seeds wherever he goes. After it rains, he wakes up to find that the entire horizon is nothing but green.So, the missions continue and many people are building new Earth-like communities on Mars. Twenty years pass. Most of the people on Mars have gone. In 2026, an automated house announces that it is time to get up, breakfast is automatically made, but the house is empty. Outside, there is a wall where all the paint has been burned off except for some outlines of a man and woman doing yardwork, and children playing with a ball. A dog enters the house, covered with sores, and dies. The robotic mice, which clean the house, take the dog to an incinerator. In the evening, the house reads the woman's favorite poem, "There Will Come Soft Rains". Later, a tree limb falls on the house, catches it on fire, and destroys all but one wall.A family from Minnesota go to Mars to begin a new life. As they are looking into the sky, they see Earth explode into a green ball of fire. The father allows his sons to choose a city to live in, and tell the children they are martians now.

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