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The Mass Media Essay

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The Mass Media

The mass media, including Television, Video Games, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, the Internet and Advertisements, have a great influence in shaping peoples thoughts and ideas, sometimes in a better way, but most of the time in a unconstructive way. The purpose of mass media is to entertain, inform and persuade information to a large group of people, and it can affect how we dress, what we buy and how our society functions. Even though there are a lot of positive influences in the media, in my eyes there is still way more negative influence. The media is affecting children, the youth and society in general. According to the studies by the Kaiser Family Foundation ...view middle of the document...

Mass media can also affect physical health and school performance. The average child spends more than 20 hours per week watching television, not to mention; the viewing of movies, listening to music and spending time on the internet. If adolescents are spending all this time with the media, then how are they getting all of their homework done, and are they getting the exercise they need to be healthy and fit in the future? Last but not least, the media influences violence and aggressive behavior for adolescents. In 1970 studies shown that the media increases aggressive behavior and violence to children. People wonder why the youth is so destructive these days. Maybe they should take a look at what they have been watching their whole life...
Virtually from the cradle, children in the United States are bombarded by violence on TV, in movies and song lyrics. The image of young people has two extremes; a perfect teenager, great at school, has a boyfriend or girlfriend, loves his parents and has the greatest clothes. The other is; hates school, hates the world, has a punk attitude and doesn’t care about anything at all. This is all from what they have grown up watching. Like I said in the last paragraph; “When children fall short of their own expectations, based on media images, their self esteem can suffer”, causing them to be defiant and aggressive. It gets worse despite the fact that teenagers are bringing weapons to school and even shooting other teens. Does the social media influence this? I believe so, for example; rap music which influences murdering people, sexual content, drugs, alcohol and many more. Back in the 1950’s and 60’s, I know music didn’t influence these things, but from then until now, it seems as if it gets worse and worse year...

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