The Matrix Essay

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Similarities and Differences of
The Matrix, Plato and Descartes

Frederick Kinley
March 17, 2014

The Matrix was a film created by the Wachowski Brothers that dealt heavily with the thought of epistemology. Epistemology is a philosophy of origin, nature and limits of human knowledge. In the Matrix the limits of human knowledge was pushed with the question of reality. Is reality real? Is what we see and do true? The question was portrayed in the film by Neo a computer hacker that had a life time nagging question inside that he just could not shake. Neo met Morpheus, a leader of an organization that could help Neo answer ...view middle of the document...

The prisoner’s deception could not allow them to see the possibility that a “real” world surrounds them.
Descartes, Meditations the question raised is reality real or just a dream? Are the motions of our head and hands real or just illusions? The mediator realizes that just about everything can be doubted. He begins to believe that some demon has intervened and forced him to doubt. Is life true or only a dream? Is it possible I’m dreaming now and all my perceptions are false?
Similarities between these works begin with the idea of realism. Is our knowledge of reality only sensory perception? Are the things around us real? Is what I touch, feel, see and hear real or only a perception of reality? In the Matrix they lived in dream like states of virtual reality and Descartes proposed that life could be just a dream. In the cave allegory the prisoners never seen reality only the shadows that were presented to them. They are all held hostage here through different situations. The cave there held captive in chains, Matrix in a virtual reality and...

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