The Meaning Of Changing Of Color In Pleasantville

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The Meaning of Changing into Color in Pleasantville

Most humans have the chance feel and express their individuality in their lives, learning from their experiences whether they are good or bad. The human experience evolves and changes people by the imparting of knowledge and wisdom that cannot be gained from just reading a book. In Gary Ross’s movie “Pleasantville” the people of Pleasantville have robotic lives are aware of things that happen in the world, but haven’t had the opportunity to experience them. Living their lives in a television show, they are depicted in black and white, in a beautiful and pleasant world where nothing goes wrong and every human experience is ...view middle of the document...

Their wild experience in the open top car in front of the other youth at Lover’s Lake, opens up the eyes of the younger generation as they also start experimenting with real sex. From then on some of the youth start to change color, but only those who are willing to open up their minds to the experience of thinking for themselves and feeling and expressing all kinds of emotions. They start going to the library and check out books, they start reading to others and start embracing change. They are no longer willing to live their lives in the robotic, repressed, monotonous way that they did before. Mary Sue also educates her mother Betty by telling her what sex really is. As her mother becomes aware of her sexuality, she feels alive and changes from black and white to color. The change in color represents an awareness of her mother’s thinking and a change in her attitude, as she is no longer willing to be the typical, fake, happy housewife of Pleasantville.
The first time Bud educates the people of Pleasantville is after the fire in the burning tree. The young students of Pleasantville inquire about how he knew how to end the fire and tells them about fire and other normal things that happen in normal peoples’ lives. He informs that there is a world beyond Pleasantville that is scary and different. As Mary Sue shows Bud what happens to the books when she tells the students of Pleasantville the stories that were unwritten in the library books and the pages start to fill up with words and illustrations. Bud is amazed at how the gaining of information and knowledge brings a life of authenticity, freedom and true
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happiness to the people of Pleasantville. Bud also helps Mr. Johnson, the diner owner develop his keen sense of art and painting. He brings an art book to Mr. Johnson who is in awe of the beauty and grandeur of the artwork in the book. He feels that he not able to continue his art, because it’s wrong to do something out of routine, but Bud tells him differently, and he starts to paint though the night. When the morning comes, he wakes up to see that everything in his diner has turn into color, from the fruit to the dishes, everything is transformed. As he becomes enlightened with the power of autonomous thinking he attains color in his body, realizing that true freedom of...

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