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The Meaning Of Sjsu Essay

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The Meaning of SJSU

The meaning of San Jose State University (SJSU) will have a different perspective in every individual’s opinion. This university may be a source to attain a four-year degree, might be seen as a commuter school to majority of the students or even perceived as just a party school. This university has much to offer, the diverse location, culture, and resources available make San Jose State appealing to vast range of people. Being a Spartan is a privilege for me. I know San Jose State or any college in that case does not guarantee happiness and success but when I made the decision to attend a four-year college, I knew it was an opportunity to test myself and see what I ...view middle of the document...

The perfect place for a quite study session or pulling an all-nighter during the midterms and finals time is at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library also know as my second home. The Dr. Martin Luther King library is the main library for both San Jose State students and the San Jose public library system. The view from the top floors of the King library is marvelous. I always study either on the 6th floor or the 8th floor, taking the busy life of San Jose downtown in perspective and enjoying the beautiful view of the evergreen hills from my window. When procrastination time comes around then being in downtown San Jose provides students with plenty of things to do off campus. There are many great locations with delicious food that will definitely satisfy your cravings. Within a close walking distance are a number of affordable restaurants such as Pizza My heart, Phil’s coffee, Quickly’s and the oh so famous La Victoria Taqueria, home of the orange sauce. The students of San Jose State can enjoy these amazing well know places without having to worry about parking. If you don't have time to walk off campus to find some food, you can always go to the food court located inside the student union-- which also includes a wide variety of choices from Chinese food, to Mexican, or healthy choices like subway. The food court is my favorite place on campus because of its convenience. Also I see many students enjoy the delicious drinks at Phil’s coffee including myself. One of the best advantages of San Jose State is enjoying the Mint Mojito’s at such a closer distance to the campus. Also, for Students that are twenty-one and older, there are quite a few bars and nightclubs they can enjoy on Thursday and Friday nights. Only a block from campus is the Safeway, and around the corner a Grocery Outlet, which gives students the opportunity to get groceries without having to affect their financial situations.  SJSU also gives students unlimited public transportation on the VTA buses and light rail.  This allows students to go virtually anywhere without having to spend money.  They could visit Eastridge Mall, Santana Row, or even Raging Waters.  The public transportation really opens the door for students to explore San Jose and be able to travel to places too far to walk from campus. 
The student organizations of SJSU also provide plenty of things to do on campus as well.  There is always some event occurring on campus every day, usually free of charge.  In addition, the resident advisors of housing organize entertaining and productive events that work best for most students to be able to enjoy.  San Jose State University offers social organizations through Fraternities, Sororities or clubs like engineering and Associated Students Organization. The cohesiveness is a way to bring students at SJSU together as a community that share common interests. There are many opportunities to bond and join organizations that bring students together by providing the...

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