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This show comes headlined as "the first comprehensive exhibition devoted to Ambroise Vollard... pioneer dealer, patron, and publisher who played a key role in promoting and shaping the careers of many of the leading artists during the late 19th and early 20th centuries." Vollard, according to my acquisitions from SVA's comprehensive art history courses, was a pivotal figure in the turn of the century Paris art scene, up until his death in 1939, taking ballsy financial risks in showing artist's like Cezanne and Van Gogh (post mortem of course), and going on to become the leading contemporary art dealer of that era.In true post modernists fashion, I decided to bring an ex Pagan biker friend to ...view middle of the document...

Yet again, another great "surreal" artist whose role in history and relationship with Vollard went unexplained. Both this room and the next room of Van Gogh works were book ended by works from earlier and later mediocre artists. These were accompanied by a handful of uncharacteristic Cezanne's that remind me of scholastic wanna-be renaissance works such as the Feast. More realistic versions of the bather showed that it took a while for Cezanne to stick to his characteristic flat brush style.The Van Gogh room was pretty much a stroke room, with a wide array of landscapes and portraits, all collected after his death of course. I particularly enjoyed the Portrait of Dr. Felix Ray, a goofy looking Asian fellow who attended Van Gogh after he had cut his ear off in a rage over a rift with Gauguin. I always enjoy that mellow-drama! Also, his Portrait of Armand Rodin featured the artist wearing one of the UGLIEST yellow suits I have ever seen! Quite amusing.Another historical figure mentioned yet omitted from the storyline was Julien Tanguy, whom Van Gogh did a portrait of. A leftist who barely survived the Paris Commune uprising - an incident which aroused many of the artists who came to be the early surrealists, such as Rimbaud and Verlaine - Tanguy was another important outside figure in the art world at that time, yet his significance went unmentioned.The next room of Gauguin was quite... expected. Of course it was larger than necessary, yet still gave a comprehensive retrospective of his famous works, including my favorite DEEP piece, Where Do We Come...

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