“The Mind Is Itself The Lawgiver To Nature.”

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Kant is a philosopher who values humans and thinks they are the smartest and especially due to the fact that they have minds. When saying “The mind is the lawgiver of nature” Kant refers to the fact that humans make rational decisions by basing their decision on morals. When reading the statement one thinks about the word “lawgiver”; this word refers to a fictional weapon. Therefore Kant looks at the mind as a fictional weapon that is not seen but that plays an important role in our everyday life and that helps humans make the decisions they make and gain the experiences they gain in order to succeed and follow their morals. People see reality as it is but according to Kant, mind is what makes our lives true and our realities real. In order to understand the statement made by Kant, first we need to learn more about Kant.
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Kant’s theory is also based on the fact that humans should take advantage of their minds since they are the key to several decision they make that affect their lives. Reading Kant’s statement, we should look at the significance behind it. Kant says that the basis of morals is that ethics are universal and everybody should follow the same ethics and morals. In Kantian ethics, the mind is looked at as a filter between our unconscious and things that take place in our everyday lives. Therefore according to Kant the mind and the normal world are connected in several levels. The mind is what creates in a way our reality. To Kant the mind comes filled with several priorities and experiences; those experiences and concepts are what make it possible for us to function and think before making decisions. Our minds interpret all the information we take in, and it makes sense out of it in order for us to move forward ad make decisions. Through his saying Kant refers to the fact that all our experiences and their meaning are determined but the information already stored in our minds. This brings us back to the fact that since everybody has minds that are already filled with information, ethics should be universal. Another important point to keep in mind through Kant’s saying is the fact that the world we live in is actually constructed by our minds. The mind has the power to influence our thinking and our behavior therefore the mind decides about the law in the natural world. Because the mind interprets all the information we take in, it is necessary to consider the mind as the law maker of our lives and the decision maker of our lives. Kant’s thinking behind his saying is the fact that without the mind there the world of nature that we live in would not exist. Also, if it wasn’t for the mind then our thoughts would be empty and lacking concepts; in other word we would be blind and we would not be following the voice of reason. We would instead be following our natural instincts and in this area we would not be any different from animals. The mind allows us to think beyond our feelings and our biased in order to make the right move and make the right choices.

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