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The Miracle Of Feeding The 5000

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The first thing that one needs to understand is the true meaning of the miracles Jesus performed, even though the Devil does not want us to understand the meaning. He loves when we speculate and question. In the Bible, miracles are often referred to as “signs.” Miracles are acts that only God can be responsible for, usually above and beyond natural laws. Baker’s Dictionary of the Bible defines a miracle as “Synthesizing the root connotations of these terms, we may define a miracle biblically as an observable phenomenon effected by the direct operation of God’s power, an arresting deviation from the ordinary sequences of nature, a deviation calculated to elicit faith-begetting awe, a ...view middle of the document...

Jesus also performed a miracle of feeding four-thousand (Matthew 15: 32, Mark 8: 1), which is much like the miracle of Jesus feeding the five-thousand. There were many more astonishing acts performed by the wondrous miracle worker, Jesus. The coin in the fish’s mouth, walking on the water, and raising of Lazarus from the dead, are just a minute amount, out of approximately thirty-six. The miracle of Jesus feeding the five-thousand is just one of the many.
Feeding of the multitude is the only miracle besides the resurrection that is present in all four of the Gospels; Matthew 14: 13- 21, Mark 6: 31- 44, Luke 9: 10- 17, and John 6: 1- 15. Jesus performed this miracle of feeding the multitude of five-thousand, with only five barley loaves of bread and two fish. The basic meaning of all four gospels is the same with a few slight differences. The amount of five-thousand did not include the women or children. According to John A Broadus, “the number of these (woman and children) was probably small in proportion to the men, for otherwise Mark, Luke, and John would hardly have omitted to mention them.”
Matthew and Mark have the most similar writings in regards to this miraculous act, besides a few minor things. Matthew writes that Jesus feels pity for them and cures the sick but Mark on the other hand does write that Jesus feels pity, but does not mention healing the sick. In Matthew, the people heard the ship coming and ran after it. In Mark, the people saw the boat approaching and ran after it. Mark was more visual with his writing stating that the people looked like “sheep without a shepherd.” (Mark 6:34) Luke and John’s writings were slightly different.
Luke’s writings are some what simple, not adding very much detail to the story. In exception to one important piece of information that is not present in any other gospel, which is that Jesus and His disciples went to Bethsaida; which interestingly enough means, “house of fishing.” Luke also mentions that Jesus preached and healed same as Matthew.
John’s writings are quite different from the rest. He writes that Jesus went up the mountain; this is not mentioned in any of the other three. Alvah Hovey writes that “the definite article before mountain may be due to the circumstance that it was remembered by the Evangelist as the scene of the miracle to be related, or to the circumstance that it was the one nearest “a desert place belonging to Bethsaida.” Hovey also writes that when putting all four narratives together, one concludes that “1st, that the place belonged to Bethsaida; 2d, that it was a desert place; 3d, that it was near the shore of the lake, for they came to it by boat; 4th, that there was a mountain close at hand; 5th, that it was a smooth, grassy spot, capable of seating many thousand people.” John does not mention anything about Jesus preaching or healing; he only speaks of the feeding. He talks about Philip and Andrew being greatly involved. He...

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