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The Mis(Sed)Education Of Deethe Mis(Sed)Education Of Dee 1

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As I read and re-read the article inspiration for my essay, I revisited my thesis statement at least 10 times.

My mind was a jumbo of APA formatting, Core Curriculum theory, technology, and Biblical Integration; just to name a few of my thoughts. As I considered my audience and the outline that I so easily discarded; I thought about my educational journey and determined that I think of myself as well educated. My story begins in the 4th grade in Buffalo, New York at Public School 74. I guess you could say that this is where I was being mis-educated based on the premise that memorization of a bunch of facts was the fast track to becoming well educated. Little did I know that one phone ...view middle of the document...

She suggested a Catholic school called St. Bartholomew and I excelled in the basics during my 5th and 6th grade educational journey. However, I had a little trouble with attitude, so I was expelled with honors and Mama had to find other options for my schooling. I guess I should also mention that she was a believer and was taught at an early age that faith in God and education would serve to create opportunities that would take me far in life. It is funny though, I never remember her going to church very often, but I do remember she made sure that I went to sunrise services regularly. I knew at an early age that there was something “magical” about all this God stuff I was being taught. I use the term magical, because at five I had no real knowledge of the Bible and the character of God. As I progressed in my educational journey, I became very adept at understanding what was expected of me in school and at home, so I listened very intently at school, learned to memorize everything and explain what I learned with excellence.

At least that is what my test scores reflected. I was on my way to being “well educated.” Moving forward with her plan to get me the best education possible Mama heard about this new educational program being piloted in the Buffalo school districts at that time. It was called a magnet school because it was a “magnet” for students as it related to school zones and boundaries, so people who may not have had the opportunity to obtain a “well rounded” education could be afforded that opportunity. However, the catch was that the student had to be tested to be accepted into the magnet program. It was a public school with specialized courses, designed to give students a well-rounded education. At least that is what I was told.

I did so well in the 7th and 8th grade that my English teach, who by the way I thought hated me, wrote a personal recommendation for me to attend Buffalo Seminary.

It was a very prestigious, Private girl’s school had to take a test to go there and apparently, my well-rounded education paid off, because not only was I accepted, but also I was offered a scholarship. It was called a seminary school because every morning we had to attend something that was similar to a “Catholic Mass” and we were required to take Religion as History and English. I memorized many things in my 4 years there and was admitted into the National Honor Society in my junior year. I graduated in the top fifth percentile of my class and was recruited by Ivy League schools all over the United States. I developed a very good relationship with our mail carrier, as he would bring 10-20 college catalogues to our house each week. Here’s where things began to change for me and I realized that I...

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