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The Missing Part Essay

901 words - 4 pages

Paige Freestone
Christian History
Mrs. Morici
September 19, 2008
I used to live my life believing whatever I wanted to believe, follow who I wanted to follow and did as I pleased and didn’t care who I was to impress. I lived this way for about half of my life, probably until I was 35 years old. But something in me was missing I didn’t know what it was or how to describe this empty hole inside myself.
It was the fiftieth day after Passover and I decided to go to the fish market to get a fresh fish to cook for dinner that night. As I was just about to purchase my fresh and juicy fish I heard a loud commotion just outside of the market. I quickly gave the clerk my money and ...view middle of the document...

And that he is to come again and fulfill the words of the scriptures. I also learned the beliefs of a Christian. I finally had something definitive to believe in, I no longer believed in whatever I wanted. I had a set of beliefs that I shared with hundreds of other people. I finally felt apart of a community now.
My second conversion was a moral one. I began to develop values, criteria of choices. I no longer did as I pleased. I did things to please, God that is. My decisions now had consequences. I was finally doing things for the purpose of others, not just myself. I treated people differently and wanted to impress God with my Christian acts.
I used to walk around with a chip on my shoulder and disregarded everyone’s feelings. But when I experienced my third conversion, it was a very affective one. I went from not caring about others or their feelings to openly expressing my feelings and had a genuine concern for how other people felt. I opened my heart to people; I let them in and felt good for doing so. It was something I never used to do but then it was something I always did, and didn’t even need to think twice about doing it.
My views and opinions were my views and opinions and no body else’s really mattered too much to me. But as a Christian you share the same views and opinions with many other people....

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