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The More You Know The Better

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In the United States the federal government has spent over a hundred million dollars annually to subsidize states and community organizations that provide abstinence-only sex education. Many religious and conservative political groups such as the Bush administration have waged strong campaigns in favor of abstinence-only programs. But throughout recent years reviews of studies have implemented that comprehensive sex education (abstinence-plus programs) can reduce behaviors that put young people at risk. This has caused much debate throughout the past years if public schools should be teaching teenagers on how to have safe sex or teaching them about waiting to have sex until marriage. The ...view middle of the document...

This program instead doesn’t acknowledge that teens will become sexually active in the future but only insist that the only right thing to do is not ‘doing it’ until marriage. They don’t teach about contraception or condom use at all and avoid any means of discussion on abortion.
Unlike traditional approaches to sexual education that incorporate information about safer sex such as responsible choices, monogamous sexual relationships, and strict condom use, abstinence-only education programs provide absolutely no such information at all. Abstinence-plus programs teach sexual health, sexual orientation and sexual protection, but they also promote abstinence as the most effective measure from getting STDs or unplanned pregnancies. They aren’t aware when each teenager will become sexually active but they tell them everything they need to know about sex and making sure that when they do decide to go all the way with someone they are more than ready to take safe measures. The program includes discussions between adults and teenagers themselves about contraception, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.
Major supporters of abstinence only programs are those of very religious groups and conservatives. To a Christian, the goal of sexual intercourse is to procreate, and by using any...

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