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The Most Comfort Providing Technology Essay

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30th JUNE, 2009



Nishat Mills Limited with about 10,000 employees is one integral part of Pakistan's Biggest textile group "NISHAT GROUP" involve in vertical business of TEXTILE (Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Processing, Printing & Stitching), BANKING, ...view middle of the document...

Production and planning department
The operations of Production & Planning Department are to work as a bridge between the marketing team and the processing people, so this department has the prime importance.
All of the communication which is held between the processing & the export people is done through this department. The finishing department is also very important because it is the center of operations held in the processing unit

Quality Control
At NDF, 100% inspections of our raw and finished products is conducted based on 4 point American system. Quality Control Department & Lab are equipped with state of the art machines & highly skilled personnel. The people of this department are involved throughout the processing to ensure that the highest required quality can be achieved with the minimum wastage of resources. QC department also check the chemical recipes used in bleaching and dyeing department.

Nishat Dyeing & Finishing puts relentless efforts in the procurement of its raw material. A state of the art greige fabric procurement system is developed; this system enables to procure raw materials as per International standards thus helping immensely in the finished products. It revolves around in-house & outside weavers where quality procedures are followed at their best. Inspection of greige fabric is conducted at all stages i.e. on the looms during production, on receipt and issuance of raw materials for Pre-Treatment.
10 % of the total lot received at the processing unit is thoroughly inspected for faults by this department. If the rating of faults fall below 15 then the lot is accepted other wise the whole lot is rejected. Greige quality inspection form displays the faults list for which the 10% rolls are inspected. Each fault is rated from 1 to 4 depending upon the severity.

Pre-Treatment department possesses state of the art machines which are special in their own unique way. 110 meters long bleaching range has 18 washing tanks (double saturation) twice the size of the contemporary industry standard. Mercerizing machines are also of long range with extra capabilities to enhance dyestuff absorbency thus providing luster to fabric surface. Pre-Treatment section is strengthened by huge investments made over years to add value to our products. NDF has invested heavily in acquiring different types of Emerizing machines with emery, diamond and brushing techniques. A true Moleskin machine is part of our exclusive range.
The bleaching department of NML is equipped with the latest machinery to compete with the market. Bleaching department has the following machines:
➢ Unrolling
The rolls of the grey cloth are unrolled and the cloth then lays on trolleys about 2000 meters of cloth lay on one trolley. The rolls are stitched before unrolling to provide a continuous working length.
( Singeing & De-sizing:

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