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The Most Effective Form Of Media Advertising

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The Most Effective Form of Media Advertising

Media comes in many different forms. We use media in our every day
lives, from watching the news on television, to listening to adverts
on the radio. There are many forms of media such as, television,
radio, newspapers, the internet and billboards. Media is every where
in our daily lives. Media can be very influential.

Adverts are designed by companies to try to get us to buy their
products. Companies spend lots of money, to try to get us the viewer
and the user to buy their products. The purpose of adverts is for
companies to show the public their products.

Adverts have many ways to persuade us even ...view middle of the document...

There is also music, which is only there to make sure the
advert is not silent. The story that is being told is that the woman’s
hair is all dry, but at the end it is all smooth. It is set in a
desert to symbolise the dry hair. The sound is mostly narrative. One
interesting thing about the use of sound is that the narration can be
heard over everything else. The audience for the advertisement appears
to be women.

The advert appeals to its target audience in the following ways, it is
on late at night on ITV, between 21:00 and 22:00. It is between a
program called ‘Footballers Wives’, this is also aimed at around the
same audience. The most successful way in which the advert appeals to
its audience is, the close ups of the hair. This is because; women
will be able to see the hair, and what it could do to their hair.

The advert is also full of hidden persuaders to make the audience buy
the product. The advert also has a celebrity and scientific language
that will make the viewer think that the celebrity has used it. There
is also ‘Diagetic Sound’, which is the tumble weed to simulate the dry
hair. Also at the end of the product the company shows three other
products. So this means that they are trying to advertise three
products. The location of the advert is an exotic one. Also there is
sex appeal by showing the models body.

Printed adverts are found in many places. This is the form of
advertising that we probably see most. The main places that you find
printed adverts are in newspapers, magazines and flyers that people
hand out. The advantages of advertising using printing are that it can
be cheap and persuade a wide audience. But the disadvantage of using
printing is that it is not visual.

The printed advert that I have chosen to study is for ‘Amanda Smith’s
Strawberry and Cream Cake’. The brand is Amanda Smith. The target
purchaser is mostly to be a woman, for when they do their weekly shop.
The target user is basically everyone, as the cake can be cut into
portions. The adverts appear in a woman’s magazine. They may have done
this to get the woman to buy it.

The persuasive techniques that are used are a slogan, as it is an
easily remembered phrase. There is also a big bright picture of the
logo, to show people what the brand is. There is also a large picture
of the product in the centre of the page; the reader sees this picture
first. They also address the reader directly, as in the slogan it
says, ‘What do you look’, by using ‘you’, it addresses the reader. The
layout of the page is a big picture, which draws the reader’s
attention. Then at the bottom there is the logo, and the small print.
The use of rhetorical questions is also used at the top of the page.
By having rhetorical questions, it makes the reader question

There are some hidden...

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