The Most Segnificent Crime In The Uk

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Internet hacking is the most specific crime in the UK than my home country

The widespread use of the internet especially in the UK gives way to experienced individuals to hack and make access in getting and destroying secret information unavailable for other users. Internet hacking which is a widespread crime in the UK than in Saudi Arabia, cerates unstoppable problem not only in government agencies but also even at private homes. Most hacking crimes happen occasionally in banking procedures such as customer's accounts, debit and credit processing, utility payments and other banking needs. Moreover, hacking uses illegal usernames, passwords and private information that specifically confuse end-users who do not know that their information are being manipulated.

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For example one person pays for a utility bill on time, but unfortunately, since it was done through internet, the person didn't know who was collecting the payment. After going to the bank to enquire if the payment was received, the person learned that the payment went through somebody who was not a staff of the institution. In this case, the person was a victim of a well-experienced hacker who used the person's records for illegal benefit. The incident showed that anything can be done in the internet without the knowledge of the concerned person or people. It is just a small and easy way for a hacker gets the way of gaining profit. As the internet goes into a wider access of giving the users easier life, it also creates more opportunity to other people learn how to become a hacker. Occasionally, hackers made their own organization all over the world which may be still unknown to many. In relation to this widespread problem, many people are wary that their records, profiles and other information are being used and fall victims to hackers as these peoples always illegally employ what information they hack from these individuals Basically, hacking really possesses foremost problem not only in private information of individuals, but also government offices as well. These are the prime goal of hackers as they always manipulates and changes their identities to confuse people & their true personality.

In conclusion, hacking still a world problem and there is no root resolve, in this issue government and private institute should be advice their customers and help them to secure their own information by continuous updating and refreshing their own personal records. And for banking and other instition they must make their own anti-hacking programme to protect and secure customers records and information similar to private individuals.

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