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The Most Shameful Day Essay

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Today has been the most shameful day of my life. My father is a monster and there is not a thing I can do about it. A monster, a bully, a thug. I can't believe that only this morning when we left the house looking for firewood, I looked up to this man. I was so proud that he was taking me with him to do a man's work. I felt important to be invited onto the demesne. We were there with special permission.
Lady Sarah allowed us onto her land. She had trusted my father with her trees. And then he 'killed' one of her beauties. I watched it crashing to the ground. It seemed to take forever. It put up a good fight but it was hopeless. There was no stopping him.
That tree must have been like ...view middle of the document...

He sang all the way home. No doubt he'll be boasting about this in the pub tonight. And everyone will laugh at how the big Garda Sergeant put the old battleaxe in her place.
Some day I hope to see him old, frail and suffering. When that day comes, I'll hurt him just as he hurt her today, and I'll be sure to wear the same conquering smirk on my face when I do it. It's what he deserves.
Text 3 Question A
(i) I think the image entitled ‘make-believe’ best expresses the theme of pretence. The little boy dressed up as a fireman has fully engaged in the world of the “imagination”. He knows that he is not really a fireman and he will have none of the dangers that are part of his job.
That is the beauty of the ‘pretend’ world. It is a form of play and in my opinion; it is largely innocent.
I feel the football diving should come under the title deception rather than pretence. He is not using the “gift of the imagination” and he is only trying to make one section of the football match happy!
The elaborately made-up woman certainly looks unique and colourful but there lacks any “pretence”. You can see her eyes and gauge her personality quite clearly from the picture. She is merely being herself with a fancy mask. There is no sense of ‘make-believe’.
Zorro’s mask and costume performs a realistic and practical function. He is not pretending to be anything else. The picture of Zorro creates a feeling of mystery and excitement for me but I still think the child best expresses the theme of pretence.
(ii) I don’t think the images as a group go particularly well with the written text. The child in the fireman’s outfit links well with the first paragraph. The writer tells us about...

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