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The Natural Nudist Beach In Spain

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Case A :
The natural nudist beach in Spain is one of many nudist beaches around the world and mostly in Europe. The nudist beach allowed people to expose their body naked. The nudist beach also have some pro and contra, the critical thinker could possibly all right by the scene appearing on the beach while the non critical thinker would be irritated so much with what happens on the beach. However there are some point of view we can use to see the case in nudist beach. If we look from the ethical philosophies which are relativism and utilitarianism the beach seems all right seem their base culture and religion in the beach is not as strict as in the eastern country. It is not so weird ...view middle of the document...

The gender itself could contribute another way of thinking where woman, most of them are trying to protect their body since it is what women must keep. They could be the one being advantaged by the other gender which is male. Since men Is quite confidence and don’t think about what they are doing. Their educational background also could give something. Where most of educated people would see things from many different perspective and seeing the reason of why people doing things. This case the non critical thinker would think that is not appropriate to do so because it just exposed your body naked to attract others. However, it is no right or wrong if connected to a tradition. It is a tradition which has been there since long time ago. And it is proved that the participants are agreed to the consequences of what will happens after doing so. As long there is no preasure or treat to do so. There seems to be all right.
Case C:
Stephen Sajecki has told us about how he fights his illness. He had been sick for a cancer and doctor has judged cannot save him. This could be everybody could experience. Since cancer is one of the top rated killing disease. It doesn’t matter which we or anyone in family or relative could get cancer. However, how Stephen treats himself with the disease could be very different to most of people. Some of them could be very sad and very angry with god to give them a bad destiny to have a cancer. Some of them could be very pessimistic and stop their treatment and even some of them tried to doing suicide. But, Stephen Sajecki treats him with a very good way of thinking. He doesn’t feel it is the end of his life but it sees it as an opportunity to do things that many people cannot do. He decides to travel and see how the world is without thinking he is dying. He never complained to himself or anybody about why and how this thing would happen to him. In doing so he gave and thought many other people around him about how we face life. Even in the hardest time in our life. The Stephen way of thinking could be a describe what the critical thinker should do. The non-critical thinker would think to surrender or staying at home feeling sorry to their self.
Case D:
The government of Amsterdam has made a radical decision to fight drugs spreading in the world. Instead to pursue and banned the drugs in the country. They decide to give a special allowance to their citizen to use drugs. Of course, it is not all kind of drugs allowed in Amsterdam. The government limit the drugs to distributed and allow in the city of Amsterdam. The drugs classified as the light drugs such as marijuana are allowed. But not the hard drugs like cocaine and morphine which has additive and destructive effect. Even though the government allowed their citizen to use drugs doesn’t mean they don’t fight the drug abuse. They strictly watch and made some strict rule about what and how drugs are distributed. This kind of radical judgment is bringing some pro...

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