The Nature Of Politics: Max Weber's

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The Nature of Politics: Max Weber's
Bases of Political Power

Part 1: (Points Possible: 8)
a. Due Date (See Blackboard and Fill In): . b. Choose your Political Figures:
i. Select 1 Political Figure from each of the 8 Lists (A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H) below.
ii. Submit your choices via the Assignment in the Lesson 01 Folder on Blackboard by the
Due Date above.
a. Points are awarded when the Blackboard Assignment is submitted for grading.

List A:
1. 0 George Washington
2. 0 Alexander Hamilton
3. 0 Benjamin Franklin
4. 0 Adolph Hitler

List B:
1. 0 Eleanor Roosevelt
2. 0 Henry Kissinger
3. 0 Mahatma Gandhi
4. 0 Susan B. Anthony

List C:
1. 0 Albert John ...view middle of the document...

ii. Determine what category or categories from which they derived their political power. (They may fall into more than one category. Notice how if they fall into more than one category how this helps or hinders their success as a political figure. They may also
fall into different categories during different stages of their life.)
b. Write about Your Political Figures:
i. Develop a brief summary about each figure's political life.
ii. State into which Weber power category(s) the figure belongs.
1. Explain why you put this person into that category of Max Weber's legitimacy.
2. Support your categorization with specific reasons, events, actions, etc. for that political figure .
iii. Cite your information with footnotes.
1. No quotations, unless it is a brief statement or phrase that made the person notable; paraphrase what you read about each individual.
2. Again, see the “Footnote and Endnote Citation Guide” posted on Blackboard for guidance.
iv. All work must be typed into a Microsoft Word Document & Uploaded into the
Assignment as an Attachment.
1. No “Open Document Text Files”; ONLY Microsoft Word.
2. The FILE NAME must be in the following format:
a. [Last Name], [First Name] – Max Weber Assignment.doc (or .docx)
b. For example, if your name is John Doe, your File Name will be: Doe, John – Max Weber Assignment.doc
3. 1” Margins only.
4. New Times Roman, Arial or other similar fonts only.
2. 10 - 12 point fonts through body of text. Headings may be larger within reason.
3. Pictures, backgrounds and graphics are encouraged, but not required. Make sure all formatting is correct so that the document is readable.
a. No audio or video links.
4. Color of fonts and any backgrounds used should still allow text to be easily readable.
4. Proper spelling and grammar count. Use spell and grammar check on Word, but review personally for mistakes like “He” rather than “She”, etc. since no spell check will catch these.
5. Proper citation counts
. See the “Footnote and Endnote Citation Guide” posted...

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