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The Necklace Essay

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A person's actions can say many things about a person's nature. The Story, The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant introduced the life a character name Mathilde Losiel. Mathilde was a beautiful woman who believed that somehow she was born to the wrong life because of her weakness for wealth. She wished that she was born into a higher class, which made her want to appear to others as if she lead, a life of luxury. Mathilde believes that she should be married to a man of wealth and not a little clerk in the Ministry of Public Instructions, which only pays them enough to get by. Her desire to for wealth prevents her from finding satisfaction with any aspect of her life. It seems like nothing is good ...view middle of the document...

Of course while searching threw her friend’s jewelry, she chooses the necklace that she expects will make her look like she living a wealthy life. After the party, Mathilde then realize that she had lost the borrowed necklace. When, for a night, Mathilde has everything she wants she throws it away by covering up the fact she lost the necklace. Thus, she loses everything to replace that necklace. This loss changes her forever. Mathilde knew she had to pay her debt and this would change everything. She would from this day on be seen wearing only cheap house dresses, and uneven skirts. “Mrs. Losiel soon discovered the horrible life of the needy” (Maupassant 10).
Mathilde’s true selfish character is portrayed through the way she treats her husband. She treats him as if he is a slave, who exists for no other reason but to be blamed for things gone wrong in her life, and for her to order around. Mathilde gives her husband no love, praise, or thanks for any of the sacrifices he makes for her. In the beginning of the story Mathilde blames her husband because she is not living the life she dreams of. While her husband has adjusted himself to the plain life that they live, Mathilde has not, and she resents him for that. Another example of the materialistic and selfish way that Mathilde treats her husband is when her husband brings home the invitation. Even though her husband is ecstatic at the thought of going to this extravagant dinner, Mathilde complains that she has nothing to wear, while her husband suggests her theater gown which only made her cry. She again cares nothing for his feelings while she demands he give the invitation to someone who has nicer clothes than she has.

Mathilde is so self-centered that she would make her husband, who wants to go to this party so badly, give up the invitation because she has nothing to wear. She again displays her materialistic and selfish ways when, after the party, she discovers that she has lost her borrowed necklace and makes her husband go out at four o’clock in the morning to look for it. He looks for hours and finds nothing, but doesn’t give up there. He goes to the police and cab services, while Mathilde, “waited the entire day, in the same enervated state,” (Maupassant 9). She does nothing while her husband is doing everything he possibly can to save her from embarrassment. After all hope is lost of finding the vanished necklace, the couple bought a new one for thirty-six thousand francs. It took Mathilde and her husband ten years to pay off all the debts...

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