The Need And Importance Of An Officer

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The Need And Importance Of An Officer

How can the healthcare industry promise the public that their patient data would be handled in the utmost care with regards to patient confidentiality and security of private information? Healthcare organizations needed a way to provide this promise. This promise came in the form of healthcare regulatory agencies such as the Joint Commission (JCAHO) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) based agencies. But the bigger question now is how would each individual healthcare organization enforce these rules and regulations set by external agencies, states, and federal laws? How would these healthcare organizations ...view middle of the document...

In other words, a compliance officer also has responsibilities that include ensuring that the healthcare organization complies with its external regulatory requirements as well as its internal policies. A compliance officer may review and set standards for external communications by requiring disclaimers in emails, or may examine facilities to ensure that they are handling patient information with regards to confidentiality and security. Compliance officers may also design or update internal policies to mitigate the risk of the healthcare organization breaking laws and regulations, as well as lead internal audits of procedures to ensure patient data handling is secure and governed by polices.
Role Of Privacy Or Compliance Officer Outlook

To portray further, the role of a compliance officer is a means to ensure the healthcare organization is following up to date federal laws and regulations as well as internal policies to comply with patient data safeguarding requirements. Compliance officers must be qualified in many ways then just one, they must resist influence by other employees, including management and executives, to overlook infractions may result in significant fines or even organization closure. In this paper, we will discuss the job description of a compliance officer, the responsibilities in depth in terms of regulatory issues and legal issues involved. We will also take a look at challenges faced on the job by compliance officers, such as ethical issues vs. non-ethical issues. We will also discuss the external and internal reporting relationships between the compliance officer and the healthcare organization (“internal”) and between the compliance officer and the state or regulatory agency (“external”). Finally we will discuss the future and the career path expectations of a compliance officer.
The Role Of A Privacy Or Compliance Officer
Basic Job Description
The compliance officer job description, according to AHIMA, can be portrayed as the following below:
Figure 1: Sample Job Description
Position Title: Healthcare Compliance and Privacy Officer, eHealth organization
Immediate Supervisor: General Counsel, Executive Vice President or Other Senior Executive
General Purpose: The compliance/privacy officer serves as the process owner for activities that serve to provide appropriate access to, and protect the privacy and integrity of patient and provider information. The compliance/privacy officer works with others to make sure products comply with applicable laws and standards governing privacy and security.
• Serves as an internal health information security and confidentiality consultant. Advises the organization about current privacy and security legislation. Assists General Counsel in dealing with various self-regulatory initiatives, such as Hi-Ethics and the Internet Healthcare Coalition's eHealth Code of Ethics. Originates white papers regarding health information privacy and security

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