The Need For A Reform Essay

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Over 90% of healthcare professionals in the US believe that the current US healthcare system needs a reform

Hypothesis Definitions:
Healthcare professional - A healthcare professional is a person who delivers proper health care in a systematic way professionally to any individual in need of health care services1.
Reform – Healthcare should be provided or available to everyone in the United States
Survey Definitions:
National Plan – A healthcare plan or system that provides everyone in the United States to have healthcare benefits
Universal Coverage Plan – A healthcare plan or system that provides everyone in the United States with the same healthcare benefits
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Representative Sample:
A healthcare professional is a person employed at North Shore, LIJ University Hospital Manhasset whom delivers appropriate health care in a systematic and professional manner, to any individual in need of health care services. The survey polled a diverse segment of healthcare professionals which includes physicians, physician assistants, nurses, receptionists, and various ancillary staff.

Computer Applications:
Our group used Microsoft Excel to store, process, calculate, and analyze the data that was collected from our survey. We first divided the data according to political views, and then further scrutinized the data into relevant categories that would be pertinent to our study of healthcare reform. After dividing, calculating, and analyzing the data according to our study, we constructed graphs and charts to find additional relationships that may exist to both support and assist us in drawing conclusions and recording our results.

We surveyed sixty-eight healthcare professionals at North Shore Long Island Jewish University Hospital in Manhasset about the current healthcare system in the US. Sixty-three out of the sixty-eight healthcare professionals responded fully and accurately in their own opinions about the healthcare system. Out of the sixty-three respondents 10% are republicans, 65% are democrats, and 25% are independents.
From our survey we found that 92% of health professionals believe that the current US healthcare needs some type of health care reform and 8% thought that no change was needed. A breakdown based on political views showed that 67%, 93% and 100% of republicans, democrats and independents, respectively, thought that the healthcare system needs a reform. While, 33%, 7% and 0%, of republicans, democrats and independents, respectively, didn’t think that a change was necessary.
When questioned about whether a national healthcare plan should be implemented in the US, 76% of the respondents agreed, while 24% did not want a national plan. Based on political views, we found that 50%, 83% and 69% of republicans, democrats and independents, respectively wanted to see a national healthcare plan implemented. While, 50%, 17% and 31% disagreed to a national healthcare plan.
The respondents were asked what type of plan they would like to see implemented, we found that that 25% of the respondents wanted a universal plan, 11% wanted to see customized plans, 41% wanted to preserve the current healthcare plan with the option to extend benefits to the uninsured, and 22% did not answer. We found that none of the republicans wanted to see a universal healthcare plan, while 32% and 19% of democrats and independents, respectively, thought there should be one. Preserving the current healthcare system and extending benefits to the uninsured yielded the highest agreement between the parties, with 17% republicans, 41% democrats, and 50% independents. On the other hand, an agreement to...

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