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The Need For World Development Essay

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The Need for World Development

A lot of people across the world will agree that there is a definate
need for world development. A great deal of people live in poverty,
but how did this happen, and what can be done?

There are many problems which have lead to a need for world
development, one of these is debt.Many L.D.Cs have to borrow money
from banks to begin to develop. Many countries who do not have money
are forced to borrow large sums. This means that eventually they will
be forced to pay them back. And some countries simply do not have
enough money to pay these bills. Another great problem with being in
debt is that the people, or countries who have lent the money, can
charge a great deal of intrest, meaning that even if some countries
can pay they will struggle with finding money afterwards, finding
enough money to start again, without loans, is very difficult. Richer
countries find it very easy to ...view middle of the document...

And wars are often caused by
corruption and political unfairness.

Another large problem, that unfortunately can not be helped by peace
talks is natural disasters. Sadly enough, this is often the cause of
the destruction of a country.Things like earthquakes, floods, fires
and droughts often wreak havoc on the L.D.Cs, and they simply do not
have enough money to deal with these problems. Things like floods can
easily destroy crops, but then so can droughts. If the rain does not
fall, then the crops will simply die. A few months work could be so
easily destroyed, as you can imagine this has a devastating effect on
many L.D.Cs.

Also another thing is Cash Crops, if a country does not have enough
money the they will grow something that is referred to as a cash crop.
These are things like coffee and choclate, but they are growing things
that can make small amounts of money, instead of things which can feed
their own people. A town may starve because of this, a civilisation
can not like on coffee and choclate. This links into unfair trade,
workers can often get very small amounts of money for the work they
do. This is because the supermarkets pay the people who actually are
the middle men more money then the workers. They may only get a few
pennies for the work that they have done.

There are definitely a lot of problems, some interesting statistics
are; 1.4 billion people have no access to clean water, 25 percent of
the worlds population control 80 percent of its income, and every day
35,000 people starve to death. Major causes of this are also peoples
greed, for example, if someone invents a product, that can help people
in third world countries, then they can patent it, and so that means
that they can charge the country a lot of money to use that product.
And also if there is a large company, and it gets rid of all its
competition, then it can give its workers a very poor rate of pay.
There will be nothing they can do about it as there is no where else
they can go.

I would say the there is a definate need for world development. Many
third worl countries , suffer greatly each day. We should all try to
work with charities so that something can be done about it.

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