The Negative Affect Of Marijuana Use

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The Negative Affect of Marijuana Use

Dr. Chris Feriante

The Negative Affect of Marijuana Use
Most people never think about the consequences of using a controlled substance, for the most part people tend to believe they are in control of their usage and can stop any time they feel like it. Consequently controlled substance lives up to its title, and ultimately takes control of your life. One day you may feel like you are on top of the world and the next day you will realize you have lost everything. Unfortunately when you turn your life over to a controlled substance you lose the ability to quite when you want and may find that you have now become ...view middle of the document...

When a person becomes an abuser or dependent on the use of marijuana it begins to have a major impact on his or her social life whether it be family or friends. Marijuana users tend to have a lack of interest in spending time with family and indulging in family activities, they begin to isolate themselves because their main interest or focus becomes the use of marijuana they become dependent on it and this dependency takes the place of friends and family. The quality of friends and social networking changes when a person becomes dependent upon marijuana and the user may find that the friends that now surround his or her inner circle are not very trustworthy and that within itself can cause a user to isolate them self more.
The use of marijuana can have long and short term affects on a user’s health that can be very detrimental both on a mental as well as physical aspect. Marijuana can impair a user physically in many ways such as weakening the immune system. When marijuana is used it reduces white cell reduction which lowers the body’s ability to fight infection and disease (ADAMHS P.1). The use of marijuana also is harmful to your heart and lungs, according to Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Service (ADAMHS) there are more cancer causing agents in marijuana than tobacco smoke, as much as five times the amount of carbon monoxide into the bloodstream and triple the amount of tar in to a users lungs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse or (NIDA) “continued use of this drug has the long term affect of increased risk of chronic cough, bronchitis and even emphysema; in addition there is also a risk of cancer of the head, neck and lungs”. Because of these extremely large amounts of harmful agents this may cause a user to have chest pains, and this happens because the use of marijuana increases the hearts normal heart rate of seventy to eighty beats per minute to approximately an additional twenty to fifty or maybe even double the normal beats. In addition the adverse affects to your heart and lungs, marijuana can be harmful and affect reproduction in both females and males. In females there can be changes in the brain signal and affect ovulation and decrease fertility. In the reproduction of the male, a single use of marijuana may cause a temporary decrease in male hormone production. The use of marijuana by a pregnant woman can be toxic and therefore be harmful to an unborn baby and cause the baby to be affected in growth and development. All the affects that may be incurred by a marijuana user will depend on the strength of the drug, potency and the individual user, their mood, personality, size and weight or even whether the drug has been mixed with anything.
The adverse affects of using marijuana can also affect a person’s mental health as well as physical. Some of the mental affects include but are not limited to, are memory loss, mood altering, decreased concentration and depression. Because...

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