The Negative Impact Of Working In Teams In The Workplace

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Why is teamwork hurting companies and the employees that work there? Teamwork in the workplace is something that is becoming more popular every year with focus on getting a variety of ideas from employees. According to Ana Shetach, “Teams are becoming more common as workers join virtual, autonomous, cross-functional, action-learning, and many other kinds of teams” (2012, p. 25). Similarly, teamwork is difficult for most people. There are many problems that come up with working in teams. Conflict, demographics, stress, recognition and dominant leadership are the 5 main topics that I feel are negatives when it comes to working in teams. In my research, I will break down each of these ...view middle of the document...

al. say that “Organizations are increasingly structuring work around teams in an effort to capitalize on an expanded pool of information…”(2003, p. 559). The reason teams are formed is to have a greater number of experts with different experience levels, however, conflict can arise and make working in a team just the opposite. Ana says, “Conflicts within working teams often stemming from differences of opinions or incongruent interests…” (2012, p. 25). Furthermore from the research provided conflict plays the biggest role in workplace conflict and make people not want to be apart of a team or group because thats where conflict starts as Ana states.
Every age group has a different personality based on the time period when one was born. First one must recognize the different generations. According to Curtis Verschoor, “Traditionalists, born 1925-1945, are hardworking, respectful of authority, and value loyalty”(2013, p. 11). This generation would probably not be very good on a team because they do not know how to use technology and they do what they are told without question. Verschoor also states that “Baby Boomers, born 1946-1964, are hardworking, idealistic, and committed to harmony” (2013, p. 11). This generation probably would not be so bad because they are committed to harmony but they still would not understand all the technical advances that the younger generation would understand. Verschoor later adds that “GenXers, born 1965-1980, are entrepreneurial, flexible and self-reliant, and comfortable with technology” (2013, p. 11). Flexibility is the attribute that supports teamwork in the workplace but ultimately they are entrepreneurs and don't work well with others. Verschoor says “Millennials, born 1981- 2000, are tech-savvy, appreciative of diversity, and skilled in multitasking” (2013, p. 11). Diversity is important when working in teams but ultimately this generation is so tech savvy that nothing would get accomplished because of technology interruptions and we can see this in today’s society. These generational difference can make it ultimately impossible to work in a team atmosphere. Curtis Verschoor specifically says, “Boomers—Self-centered with sense of entitlement, workaholics, self-motivated, don’t appreciate feedback. Gen Xers—Lazy, skeptical and cynical, question authority figures, desire for a work-life balance and flexible schedule, work dress is at low end of business casual. Millennials—Lack basic literacy fundamentals, very short attention spans, not loyal to organization, demand immediate feedback and recognition, integrate technology into the workplace, expect” (2013, p. 11). More importantly the values that each generation has lean more toward a different work/life attitude and that makes it difficult as well. Additionally, with generation gaps stress levels rise.
Stress comes in many different ways. We have good stress and bad stress. Hon and Chan cite bad stress as “hindrance-related stress, which is defined as bad...

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