The New Job Essay

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Lesson 1 Case Study
MGTXXX: Human Resources Management
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Sep. 5, 2015
The New Job
Employees as the valuable resources in the company are directly related to the company productivity, profitability, and further business strategies and decision making. In this case, a new position dealing with daily tasks to keep the marketing department functioning is what should be created to better support working efficiency and productivity. The competencies of the job should be analyzed based on the tasks to be carried, so is the compensation and performance management in compliance with the expectation of these tasks. A potential challenge of filling this job from ...view middle of the document...

The goal is to better supports the marketing department by carrying out the daily tasks to keep the department functioning and facilitate the duties of the marketing manager, marketing associates and account executives. To be more detail, the duties may include, but are not limited to making travel arrangements, tracking payable checks, gathering and organizing data, compiling financial information like budget spreadsheets, organizing meetings, and ect. Another point to be considered might be that the flexible working time of marketing associates on sites may need to be able to reach company assistant when needed. Overall, a competitive applicant should better have the experience in marketing department for administrative work, therefore understand the workflow. Also since the job relies heavily on computer, the applicant should have a thorough knowledge of computer and various software help to perform the tasks. The ability to work under pressure and multi-tasking is also essential. Last but not the least, the applicant should be able to work out of regular working hours if needed.
Ideas For New Position
To set up a performance management standard as well as the compensation and incentives system, it is essential to know what is the best way to measure the effectiveness in this job and what is expected. This job position is aimed to provide administrative support for the marketing department, and it is important for the person in the position to get necessary job done in time. Therefore the effectiveness potentially lies in the feedback direct from marketing associates and the overall working efficiency of the department could be a reflection of how well the job has been done. Hence, the performance features valued in this position is the ability of teamwork and working...

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