The Newspaper Industry: Worldwide Environment Is Changing

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Over the past several years, newspaper industry faced a serious threat as the audience habits have changed due to the free access to the news from all around the world throughout the websites such as; Google. Therefore; traditional news has lost value among readerships and as the amount of the newspaper reader decreases the advertising revenues drop and this is the point that newspaper industries began to lose profits. Only in the U.S, between 2008 and early 2010, eight major newspaper chains declared bankruptcy and several big city papers shut down and many reporters and editors laid off. (mospace.umsystem, 2009, Page1)
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(sipa.columbia, 2011, page17)
At the beginning newspapers started investigating massively for generating their own websites that include all of the print edition contents plus videos, blogs and comments functions. They also connected to the social networks such as Facebook and used user generated content from YouTube et al. Even though they attracted many users but at the same time they lost two sources of their revenue, firstly the subscribers tend to not paying for information anymore as they could find the same information for free in another website. Secondly, new marketplaces such as craigslist took away one of the most profitable businesses of the newspaper, classifieds. As a result; one solution that newspaper industries thought might work was the banner adds but unfortunately the reader of specific news on the website is not interested in any other articles than the one he is reading so; even they attracted millions of users but the banner advertising was not very successful and actually lead to very few sales. (business-model-innovation, 2009)
In addition; It’s interesting to know that The Economist magazine which actually considers itself as a newspaper doubled its audience in the last 10 years by Filtering information for related news, provide insights, give background, analyze the global events, and give their audience information on areas which most newspapers think are unrelated to their local readers and maybe this is exactly what daily newspapers should do in order to attract more consumers. (business-model-innovation, 2009)
Furthermore; another solution that helped newspapers companies such as commuters’ dailies to develop was giving free newspapers to commuters who use public transport and have time to read them on their way. (business-model-innovation, 2009)
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