The Nine Years War Essay

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"Hurry up! They are coming!" Shouted the officer.

The sound of boots hitting the blood stained ground echoed through the headquarters. Men were shouting orders of evacuation and the camp was thrown in total chaos. Men and women were grabbing they're belongings and sprinting for their lives. Gun fire sounded. There was a gradual silence. The last bullet sounded.

Thump! The sound of a limp body being piled up in a mass grave.

"The massacre here was devastating", a solider said.
"I know aye?" Relied another while heaving a very large man into the grave. "This is the least of it, I heard that there are more killing like this in other parts. This war is seriously ...view middle of the document...

Slime filled those streets outside the shop. We worked harder today than any other day, the work just kept coming and coming. My work space was filled with fabrics for the clothes I had to sow before I could stop. Sweat dripped down my neck as I worked for my whole family. I knew that if I didn't work then my family would starve to death. My boss, Mr. Zhang, is saving my life, my families life. Suddenly my saviour walked into the room. He rarely appears not even to give our wages which one of his senior officers does. As he walked past my station I sew fast and efficiently to impress him so I might get a rise like some of the other girls. Just a few yuan would help my family a lot. He stood by my station for quite with a very intense look. Then he turned and motioned me towards me to follow him. I stand up and walk behind him bathing in his glory. He opens a door that I've never been in before. I excitedly sat down on the chair that was motioned to me. He sat down on the chair across the table and sadly looked me in the eyes.
"你被解雇了,(You're fired)" He said.
I think I sat there for ages. I don't remember me crying or being dragged out. It was said that I was on my knees and begged for him to keep me. I walked back to my rundown apartment. The look in my mothers eyes as she starts crying too.
"We are going to be alright,' she repeats until I cry myself to sleep.
I wake up on my hard mattress bed in the middle of the night. My mum sleeping on my right. I look out the hole in the...

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