The Northern Ireland Conflict Essay

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Ireland has been involved in a bitter conflict since about 1916. This conflict is mostly based on religious division and discrimination. This harsh feud eventually led to the division of Ireland. The country split into Ireland (the six Ulster counties and mostly catholic) and Northern Ireland (mostly Protestant). To this day there is still a clear division and there still are innocent deaths. Although they are still feuding, the two countries are trying to mend their differences.Ireland broke up in 1916 and ever since then they have been engaged in a bitter battle within the two nations. The two nations should try and get together and mend the ...view middle of the document...

These attempts have led to innocent deaths by the same terrorist styles that we see in the Middle East that is highly covered by the media. These terrorists have not helped the progress in helping unite the two countries. They have led to some of the most prolific and notable deadly days of the conflict. One of the most famous of these events is called "Bloody Sunday". This day occurred in January of 1972; on this day, 14 unarmed men and boys were shot dead and 13 others were wounded. Throughout 14 years, there have been a total of 564 known deaths due to the conflict.Although there have been terrorist groups that have tried to prove who is the most powerful, there has also been peaceful groups. Most of these groups have been formed by citizens looking to stop the violence. But some of these groups have been appointed bythe government. Of the more notable groups is the IRA. The IRA's purpose is to promote peace but instead of taking peaceful measures they have used aggressive tactics to stop the violence. Only recently have they decided to stop their violent measures and vowed toonly practice peaceful steps. These peaceful groups also seem to have no real effect on the conflict in Ireland.There are two prominent religions in the two nations. The prominent religion in Ireland is Catholicism. The prominent religion in Northern Ireland is Protestantism. These two religions have been feuding dangerously since 1916. The two have been against each-other because they have been trying to prove which religion is the powerful and better.

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