The Nuclear Deal For India Essay

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and Boston to compete for those jobs with children in Bangalore and Beijing."

Therefore, it is probably somewhat simplistic to say that Obama is "anti-outsourcing." He may wish to incentivize different behavior, but there is little evidence that he will seek to regulate or otherwise limit outsourcing.

There are many other factors that affect the value of outsourcing. Currency fluctuation is, as we know, a major one. It could, therefore, be argued that the weak-dollar policies of the current administration are inherently anti-outsourcing, as well.

Ultimately, I expect that US tax policy and US tax breaks, one way or the other, will not make too much difference - nor will it affect the value proposition of already-successful outsourcing efforts. Marginal outsourcings may be affected, but those are already under ...view middle of the document...

If do not believe on media because their every news is for threatning you. The only way to know it is to study it.
According to my opinion deal is good.

Yes, The Nuclear Deal is very good for India.India is facing an acute power crisis with all other forms of power generation being either too expensive or not long lasting.In this case the nuclear deal is exactly what India needs.Power generation for the entire country at a very inexpensive rate.More important,environment friendly also.

You are aware of the power crisis in India and the frequent poer cuts.Through the deal we are able to procure Uranium for our nuclaer reactors.We are short of Uranium in India and the ore through which we mine it in India is poor grade.We are also able to reduce our dependence on Coal and other fossil fuels to produce power.This means less pollution and lesser costs.Nuclear power is the cheapest power after Hydro electric power.

Our nuclear technology is in efficient compared with civilian nuclear technologies of US or Japan.So we will get the tecnology for better efficiency.
We may not be able to conduct nuclear tests if we sign the deal.But if we become an American ally it will be beter for the country.
The Lefts are some idiots they will object to each and every thing they are a real pain in the neck.Whrn computerisation was brought to India they objected u will be aware as how computers have made life easy.
They are supporters of China our enemy country,Even if China attacks us also they will support them.As ha[ppended in the Indo-China war.
They are a bunch of non- patriotic people.

The deal is aimed at ending India’s sanction-bound isolation from global nuclear commerce, allowing it to develop its struggling domestic nuclear energy sector with international technology and fuel, in return for India’s separating its civilian and military nuclear programs and putting the former under safeguards monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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