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The Nuclear Industry: Organizational Control In An Industry With Unlimited Downsize Risk

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Nuclear industry: stakes in a complex organisational sector.

Plan proposition:

Introduction on how the sector is working in France since 1974 (by me)

I) What are the security measures made by the government to control this industry (by me)

II) What are side effects of the industry (by someone else)
You can find information on the website: tag “questions réponses”

III) Should we privatise, outsource the industry (someone else) to maximise profit.
Example of outsourcing security control and regulation to extern companies

IV) What is the future of the industry ( someone else)
There’s a big party on the website that I sent to you.

Conclusion (made by the one who take care ...view middle of the document...

As a matter of fact, France covers 90% of its electricity needs without producing CO2 whereas electricity industry produces 40 % of worldwide greenhouse gas.

With all those results, how could this industry be still such a controversial topic? How the sector is organised and how do we control side effects?

2 / Public power and the nuclear safety: Control and regulation

2-1 / Nuclear safety and radiation protection
Nuclear safety includes all the rules to ensure the protection of persons and property against the dangers and nuisances that are a consequence of the operation of nuclear facilities or handling radioactive substances.
Objectives require the intervention of the ministry of defence, environment , industry , interior and health whose actions are coordinated within the Interministerial Committee for Nuclear Safety , which meets periodically ministers concerned under the chairmanship of Prime Minister.
Among the problems that nuclear safety should treat, nuclear safety includes all the arrangements - from designing to dismantling nuclear facilities – in order to prevent accidents and limit their effects. Environment and industry ministers are responsible for security issues in collaboration with the government
Ionizing radiation is another major area of nuclear safety which are implemented technical measures to limit the exposure of workers and the public to radiation during normal operation of facilities and optimize the...

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