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* “22 years ago in Chicago, two young bright attorney’s met and joined forces…”
* Michelle LaVaughan Robinson, born Jan. 17, 1964 in Chicago.
* She has a degree in sociology and graduated from Harvard for Law.
* They got married Oct. 18, 1992 in Chicago
* Malia, their first child was born in ’88 and their second daughter Natasha was born 3 years later.
* In 2007, Sen. Barack Obama announced he would run as President.
* Barack’s idealism and need to help people in need swept Michelle off her feet.
* After one year at Sidney & Austin, the firm assigned her to mentor a summer associate named Barack Obama (she was his boss!).
* The firm didn’t usually hire ...view middle of the document...

* One college named Mary Carragher recalls sseing the two chatting in Michelle’s office, and giving them their privacy because she knew the two had liked each other.
* Carragher says of Michelle, “she was just sort of amazed by him”.
* Michelle’s first impression of Obama was that he wasn’t looking to make good money – he had a ugly wardrobe, crappy car and was broke.
* She soon realized that he cared about something more than money; people.
* Michelle was hooked, after one of their dates to a church where Obama was meeting poor everyday people and gave a speech.
* Because of Michelle’s high standards in men, when she brought Obama over for dinner, they thought it wouldn’t last long, just like the rest.
* Co-workers at Sidley Austin soon noticed the couple’s interest in each other, by the way she spoke about him and his interest in her.
* Knowing the two as individuals, and because of the respect that both Michelle and Obama had from their colleges, their romance was greatly accepted in this business professional workplace.
* Obama had then gone back to Harvard, and they continued a long-distance relationship.
* It was at this time that Michelle had been pressuring him about marriage.
* He then proposed soon after, in 1991.
* Once married, they moved into a condo in Hyde Park, one of Chicago’s most politically progressive communities.
* A year before they were to be married, Obama turned down a job at Sidley, and Michelle quit.
* They were both moving into the political environment together, as an engaged couple.
* Even though they were getting married, it did not necessarily mean she had to leave the firm, Barack was moving to Chicago.
* But they both left corporate law, because they didn’t pursue money, but politics, so that they could help people in need, they both had a desire for that.
* "We both wanted to affect the community on a larger scale than either of us could individually, and we wanted to do it outside of big corporations."
* Michelle got offered a job, working for the city of Chicago, but Barack was worried that her outspoken and straightforward personality might be too much for the political environment.
* Through her work at this new job, she didn’t just leave corporate law, but would go on to publically reject it.
* This was the turning point in her career.
* The two made it a point of telling how they left corporate business, but how they were now devoting themselves to public service.
* Michelle’s former co-workers at Sidley did not take offense to her words against corporate law, Mary Hutchings Reed saying, “I do understand”.
* Michelle didn’t want to get into a romantic relationship with him because it wasn’t “the right thing to do”.
* She...

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