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The Odyssey Essay

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The expression, “good stories never die,” can go all the way back to Greek mythology. Many stories about a Greek god can be linked to the past, present, and future. Specifically, in Homer’s Odyssey, values and concepts are addressed that are easily applied to our lives’ today.
In the Odyssey, love, hope, and courage are only just a few things that are portrayed in this myth. We see this with Odysseus’s wife, Penelope, who stayed faithful and courageous, while Odysseus was away for 15 years. Penelope was hopeful and loyal even though she knew there was a huge chance that Odysseus could have died.
Other powerful concepts involved in the Odyssey were strength, independence, fear, and hatred. Odysseus was not just strong physically, but mentally as well. He had to strategize how to get out of sticky situations, such as with the Cyclops. He also had to be true to his morals, and leave, what was a comfortable ...view middle of the document...

” A lot of different movies also portray the ideas: “don’t give up when the going get rough,” and “home is where the heart is.” It seems as though, with the exception of changing a few characters’ names, these themes are what many writers of today still revolve their stories around. There are even some songs that are popular today that may have been inspired by the Odyssey. One song would be “Home,” but Michael Buble. This song speaks of wanting to be home, just like Odysseus did. The ever popular character, Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, even stated over and over, “There’s no place like home…”
Today in our society we see families separated like Penelope, Telemachus, and Odysseus because of a war. When people you love are in a war, you never know if you are ever going to see them again. You hear of people dying on the news and don’t want to think, “what if it is my loved one? Then what do I do?” Many people all over the world are in this same heart wrenching situation right now. Sometimes it is the “not knowing” that is the most difficult part of all.
Another example of The Odyssey that could be translated in today’s culture is actually very personal to me. When Odysseus was dressed as a poor beggar no one recognized him, but as soon as someone started talking to him, they realized that it really was not an old man speaking. This reminds me a bit of Wahlert. From the exterior of the building, Wahlert is a rather small, meek, modest, and well used building. However, as soon as you inter the school and start to converse with students and faculty, you immediately realize that this school is extraordinary. A characteristic that is apparent here at Wahlert and one that Odysseus did not (have particularly in the beginning of The Odyssey), is faithfulness to God. This was why Poseidon wanted to test (kill) Odysseus so many times.
The Odyssey is a story that is applicable to everyone from ages of long ago, to ages yet to come. Some are reminded of the relevance of family, while others, of the need to depend on God for their worries. The Odyssey is a myth that will truly live on forever.

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