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The Old Man and the Sea

This is a story tell us how persevere a person can be. In the story, there are only a few characters through the story, the old fish man, the boy, the sea, and the marlin. If we read the story without any critical thinking, it’s just a common story about a fish man’s daily. However, every word, character in the story is used delicately by Hemingway.

The old man in the book isn’t the typical hero. He isn’t a good-looking person or has a muscular shape. He is thin, old, and even gaunt, but he is still very tough. I think Hemingway wants to shape a hero who is just a common person, but because of his resolution he can done such a great thing. Everything related with him is old except his sea color eyes that means he’s a destined fish man and he knows well he is born to fishing, but he doesn’t deem the sea as a hunting ground and he is the hunter. He calls the sea “la ...view middle of the document...

At first, he uses harpoon to hits sharks, then knife, club, tiller. He fights for his brother until the last minute. He feels sorry for the marlin that he can’t keep his body intact. If he didn’t go too far, the marlin hasn’t to be tortured. He regrets.

The loneliness, from what the old man do, talk we deems him a tough person, but from some details we can know he is afraid of loneliness. He hangs two pictures, two relics of his late wife, on the wall insteading of his wife’s photo because his wife photo makes him feel lonely. And when he is fishing in the sea, he always regrets that the boy isn’t by his side. If the boy was in the boat, everything would be better. He says. And before he starts his journey he tells himself “if the boy was my son, I could take him venture with me.” Some details of the story indicate the old man is lonely.

Success is no coincidence. Success is consisted of resolution, ambition, ability, and patient. The old man always dreams the lions he has seen in Africa when he was young. Now, he is aged, yet he never forgets his ambition he has as he was young. However, success isn’t easy to achieve. From some plots of the story, we know the old man is skilled and experienced. He can tell the position of fishes by observing birds or he knows how to tackle the big marlin without breaking the line. That’s prepared well before chance comes. When the opportunity comes, the old man can catch it. After the old man hooks the marlin, he doesn’t eager to draw it up, but waiting until the fish is exhausted means he is patient to wait the best point for himself, but the most decisive factor of success is resolution. The man tells the marlin “I kill you or you kill me”. He has prepared maybe he will be killed by the big fish, but he isn’t fear but excited. In the story, we can see how is he hauled by the marlin and how dose he suffer in the sea, yet he never has the though of giving up. The essential element of success is resolution. Resolution is the faith through the story. Though the old man is skilled and ambitious, if he can’t stick to his faith, he can’t kill the fish.

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